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Svitla proudly presents “Playwise” an advanced solution provider on gambling market 1. Overview Playwise was developed as a separate project. Its main task was to focus on highly competitive, dynamic and fast growing Asian gambling market, considering high importance need for international standards and state-of-the-art technologies. Later Playwise became one of the integrated systems for

Case Study: Place Based Media Solutions

OVERVIEW Our customer owns a website and a net of kiosks that help visitors to explore a destination or search fun things to do, and places to see throughout the United States and Canada. This resource handles a large database of cafes, restaurants, museums, monuments and other entertainment and historical places supported with descriptions, maps

The spectrum of industries served with .Net technology

This white paper will be useful for VP of technologies, VP of Software Developments for product companies, Project Managers, CTO who are responsible for making decision about specific technology or choosing the right team. Sounds like you? Download this white paper that is referred to the variety of issues that can be solved with help

PHP language as a development solution for different industries

This white paper is prepared for VP of technologies, VP of Software Developments for product companies, Project Managers, CTO who make decision regarding right technology or an outsourcing partner. Sounds like you? Download this white paper that shows how PHP technologies satisfy the needs of various industries such as e-learning, e-commerce, healthcare, business and entertainment.

Creating of Business Applications with Ruby

This white paper is dedicated for VP of technologies, VP of Software Developments for product companies, Project Managers, CTO who are responsible for choosing the right technology or an outsourcing vendor. Sounds like you? Download white paper which contains brief information about Ruby technology, its features and frameworks. Main challenges of business applications development and

Case Study: Project in e-commerce (retail) industry

1. Overview The customer is a decision support systems provider based in “Silicon Beach”, Los Angeles, California. Their company has worked with the most demanding fast moving consumer goods companies to develop solutions for some of the most pertinent retail challenges of our day. Their solutions save time and effort by empowering consumer packaged goods

ComWise Project

ComWise is an advanced solutions provider specializing in tailor-made software development services, employing a strong combination of local experience and ingenuity with offshore development capabilities. ComWise delivers the most cutting edge services customized to fit the specific needs of each of its clients. Specialties: Tailored Software Development, Dedicated Israeli and Offshore team, Data driven application,

Case Study: “Ingenico Project”

Company Overview Ingenico is a worldwide company, whose business is to provide the technology involved in secure electronic transactions. Its traditional business is based around manufacturing of POS terminals, but now it also includes reliable complete payment solutions and related services. With over 17 million terminals deployed in more than 125 countries, Ingenico is a

Case Study: “PathBrite”

Overview Pathbrite Inc. is an education technology company based in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2008, and the original company name was RippleSend that launched their private media sharing application, Rrripple, at TechCrunch50 in September 2009. Pathbrite was launched at SXSWedu in Austin, TX in March 2012 as a next generation portfolio or ‘ePortfolio’ tool.

Case Study: “Ooma Project”

Overview Ooma is a consumer Telecommunications Company based in Palo Alto, California, in the United States. The company was founded in 2004 by Andrew Frame and released to the public in July 2007. Part of the executive team was actor/producer Ashton Kutcher, who started with Ooma as its Creative Director. Primarily the Ooma Company was

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