Basic questions about application modernization

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What is application modernization?

Every sphere of business and technology change with times, and the further the faster. However, companies and organizations that invested considerable time and money in the initial development several years ago are faced with the question of either totally replacing their systems responsible for the core functionality or modernize them to the needs of time.

Modernization means transferring of the old systems, or so called legacy applications, to new programming languages and operating systems that correspond to the modern standards and are now flexible for further renovation.

Why to modernize legacy applications?

There can be different reasons of application modernization, but the most obvious and common are:

  • Performance degradation;
  • An overall transformation of business;
  • Changes inside an industry;
  • Appearance of new user devices, operation systems, browsers and their versions while the popularity of the old ones is going down;
  • Gaining of more flexibility and dynamic improvement of existing systems;
  • Converting the app to a newer, more efficient code makes it easier in the future to update application without having to rewrite or replace it entirely.

July 06, 2016