The Importance of Understanding Mobile Platforms

The Importance of Understanding Mobile Platforms Banner

Mobile platforms have risen to the forefront of technology over the past few years, and they only continue to grow in popularity. Staying on top of mobile technology trends and the three major platforms is important if your mobile strategy is going to have an impact. Android, Windows and iPhone each offer unique applications.

Building mobile technology for all three platforms allows you to engage the widest audience possible. Unless you have expertise in all three, you may not realize how different the major mobile platforms are from each other. Each one is specific in its requirements and offers unique applications. Having a small team of professional developers with a forte in Android, Windows and iPhone is crucial to success. Developers need to understand how one application will work on each platform.

We think it’s important for every project to have a team of people with different strengths in every area. This allows Svitla to deliver a better product for each mobile platform. Our developers build many projects together, with variations for different platforms, so they know how to coordinate between different mobile platforms and programming languages. For instance, if Mike creates a class or function for the iPhone, I can read all of the sources and build the same thing in Java and vice versa. As few as two developers can produce a very good product for Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry phones.

Mobile is popular for a variety of reasons, including:

Simplicity: Our interface model and tablet are more user-friendly than a traditional desktop. You can run video easily without worrying about installing Windows Media Player, and people prefer small handheld devices overall.

Cross generational: Both older generations and younger generations are more inclined to use mobile technology. Older people appreciate that it’s easy and visually oriented, and younger generations find it more versatile. Even a young boy can use this software because the touch screen allows for a clean user interface.

Mobility: The proof is in the name. Mobile platforms are as mobile as we are. They make use of cloud technology for saving and managing heavy computing, because they have a small amount of storage space. We have a good balance between an extremely high-powered cloud server and syncing clients with communication traffic between environments.


May 24, 2012