Intelligent Water Infrastructure


Cloud, DevOps, Back-end, Front-end, UI/UX


Data management, BigData


AWS, ASP .NET, MS SQL, Angular

Project type

IoT, Big Data, BPA, Microservices


Our client provides smart equipment, solutions, and services that optimize and control water delivery. By developing various comprehensive systems, our client helps private users, big corporations, and large city utilities to supply water in an innovative and efficient way, reducing costs, and improving water conservation and maintenance efforts. Using innovative technologies, such as IoT, our client transforms the way water systems work.

Business needs:

- Rebuild an old monolithic application using modern .Net technology stack.

- Move to cloud reducing the cost of licensing, storage, and providing flexibility.

- Break the app into microservices, as the monolith architecture is hard to maintain and extend.

- Provide appropriate documentation, decent testing processes, and implement agile development moving towards dynamic, highly functional, and effective methods to design software.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Quickly assemble a full-stack team consisting of back/front developers, designer and UI/desktop developers, Database, and QA experts.

- Assistance in moving the monolith to AWS by defining needed resources to meet server requirements.

- Use.NET Core 2.2 and ASP.NET Core 2.0 for the new microservices architecture, providing high-quality QA for the new code.

- Ensure separate databases for each microservice keeping them free from each other to provide simpler scale, deployment, and support.

- Rewrite functionality of IoT components, connecting existing data receivers and collectors to the new backend part.

- Upgrade from old MSQL database to MY SQL, review business logic, optimize and move to Amazon Redshift.

- Provide clear documentation and demo to ensure correct dataflow.

- Cover SQL requests with tests, provide documentation to ensure a quick introduction to newcomers.

- Create new frontend based on Angular to meet new standards and requirements, firstly connected to internationalization and multilingualism; implement a new server tracking system.

- Assistance in various smaller tasks of the frontend bit: maps, IoT devices visualization, users’ control, etc.

- Provide the professional designer to update previously created prototypes of various parts of the application.

- Add functionality, design visualization for various reports based on received data from various devices, and sensing systems.

- Design UI/UX for new smaller features created on the basis of the old admin panel improving final users’ experience and possibilities.

Value delivered

Old monolith system based on outdated .NET 2.0, ASP.NET WebForms was upgraded with new .Net stack.
AWS storage has vitally improved general productivity and remarkably lowered support costs.
Thanks to the new front-end part the page page-on-demand speed has grown 10 times.
New user interface has tailored the App to the industry’s fast-paced needs.

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