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Jarrell Systems | Case Study | Svitla Systems





Web, QA


Digital Marketing


PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Magento

Project type



Jarrell Systems is focused on developing e-commerce software solutions, from optimizing e-commerce sales and designing better mobile experiences to implementing ERP software and developing software solutions of any scale.

Business needs:

Speed up product development and develop new custom extensions for the e-commerce platform by expanding the Jarrell Systems team.

Create a Magento-based e-commerce solution to customize, upgrade, and fix issues in the existing extension (Amasty, AheadWorks, SweetTooth, IWD, Criteo).

Integrate the existing solution with different Google services, social networks, and B2B platforms.

Increase the product stability through code review and refactoring of the existing code, optimize the product performance, and improve the end-user experience.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

Provide the client with a dedicated back-end team (Magento and Wordpress developers).

Increase consistency in project coordination through daily stand-up meetings and direct communication with the team.

Use REST API to integrate with external services and social networks.


Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS,

Framework: Magento

Protocols and API: SOAP, REST, XML/XSLT, external API

Database: MySQL

Tools: GIT, Jira, Slack

Value delivered

Created several eCommerce solutions based on the Magento platforms.
Produced a number of custom modules for the eCommerce platform and provided development support for the existing products (reviews extension, coupons extension, shipping extension, and virtual shipping extension).
Increased authorization security by implementing a two-factor authentication.
Developed the marketing and reporting functionality integrated with a B2B solution provided by
Improved integration with Facebook achieved through the updating the code and using a new Facebook API.
Better product interaction with Google Analytics Ecommerce and Google’s reCaptcha service.

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