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Jumpcut Studios


Web, DevOps, QA




JavaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB, Amazon

Project type



Jumpcut creates captivating online courses. The first course is a comprehensive YouTube Influencer course - the only one in the world where the world's top influencers teach how to create viral original content, develop a massive following online, and monetize your audience.

Business needs:

Provide highly scalable media distribution platform with relevant technologies.

Aggregate 2.8 million subscribers and 300+ million viewers.

Support freemium model.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

Create a web application using Fluxible framework.

Support server-side rendering, so client code can be isomorphic and be ran both on the server and in a browser. 

Hire front-end and back-end developers from Svtila.

Value delivered

Client received end-to-end solution from Svitla.
Team provides 24/7 support.
New system for managing users’ flow, their subscription pages, creation and editing panels.
Deployment to Amazon simplified further support of the product.

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