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Web, QA




Java, AJAX, REST, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

Project type



The is a website, created to be a portal for U.S. military members. works very closely with government organizations to ensure complete and timely coverage of issues and events that affect their members. 

Business needs:

Add new functions to existing website such as Insurance, Recruiting, Shock&Awe, Discounts, Military Skills Translator.

Rework existing design to simplify interaction with the website.

The website must support millions of new and existing users.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

UX analysis, and new design preparation.

Creation of sections of the website based on JSP.

Code review and refactoring to remove bottlenecks, and support a large number of users.

Value delivered

Reduced cost of a product.
Existing web portal scaled to support 10 million people community.
New UI greatly simplified integration with website which lead up to more active usage.

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