Performance Dashboards






Project type



Our client provides performance dashboards for companies operating in the healthcare industry. The client’s analytical tool helps track performance, identify growth opportunities and future trends, and compare results among peers regionally and nationally. The system delivers information in simple and easy to understand report cards, customized specifically for each user.

Business needs:

- Strengthen the onsite Customer Support Team to help manage and validate thousands of end-users accounts.

- Write proper and accurate tech-documentation.

- Create reports about any defects found in the system.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- In the first stage, a Business Process Analyst (BPA) trainer was assigned to go through the client training program and explore the analytical tool in detail.

- Business Analyst introduced improvements to the existing process of working with accounts, planning and shortening the time spent on each task.

- In the second stage, the Business trainer began onboarding and training of the offsite team.

- A Senior Automation QA Engineer was added to the team to launch a bug-fixing process.

Value delivered

Within a month the client had a dedicated team consisting of BPA trainer and three Validation Analysts, who provided 24/7 assistance to the onsite team.
The product and all components were covered with proper technical descriptions.
The client gained improved system efficiency due to QA support with a deep understanding of the domain.