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Our client provides end-to-end display and videoconferencing solutions from video phones to projectors, interactive touchscreens, all-in-one touch, and videoconferencing display walls. The company also offers videoconferencing software and cloud services, a full array of accessories, tablets, pocket PC’s, display wall processors, and visualization and collaboration products that enable anyone to see and connect anywhere at any time, using personal and mobile devices.

Business needs:

- Develop video conferencing software for Mac and Windows platforms.

- Support desktop client integration with the Web platform.

- Ensure the establishment of communication between subscribers using the SIP protocol.

- For desktop platforms, transmit voice, screenshots, and video, share the presentation on the screen or application (and print text over the picture) and translate the voice into text.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Proposals for optimization of the development process on the Mac and on Windows.

- Functional synchronization between platforms (including cross-platforms parts).

- Implementation of platform-dependent parts for each platform separately.

- Optimize the overall process of setting up customers’ preferences.

Value delivered

Reduced time spent on the development process for the desktop part of the system.
Stable VoIP clients on Mac and Windows.
VoIP clients for Mac and Windows got user-friendly interface with a modern look.
Improved software makes the use of VoIP devices simple and convenient.

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