Team Extension Model

Our proprietary Team Extension Model (T.E.M.) is the most preferred engagement model with our customers. With the T.E.M. model, our team becomes an extension of your team. Our team is carefully selected based on the requirements and expertise needed for your project. Our team then works on your project only and under the same work rules as your own teams.

With the T.E.M. model, you get our fully committed and dedicated developers, who are available for your project long-term. You can rely on them 24/7 for availability and support. We use Agile or SCRUM methodology to ensure that the project progresses smoothly. Communication between our team and your company is frequent and transparent, and the code our developers produce is of high quality and elegance. Our developers will communicate daily with your team via status calls, scrum meetings and face-to-face meetings when possible. With the T.E.M. model it is very common for our team to visits the customer’s office and work at the customer’s premises for a while. This helps promote collegiality, better communication and collaboration between the teams.

The major advantage of the T.E.M. model is that our developers become as vested in the success of your project as your own engineering team and take pride in completing their work to your highest standards of satisfaction.

Besides the T.E.M. model, Svilta Systems also offers “Fixed Price” and “Time and Material” engagement models. Contact us to discuss which engagement model would be optimal for your project.