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Software Outsourcing

Custom software development is our core business at Svitla Systems, Inc. Our company is headquartered in San Francisco, California with development centers in Eastern Europe (Montenegro, Ukraine). Whether you are looking for consultants, designers, programmers or testers, we have great talent on board.

Since our inception in 2003, we have served a variety of software and web application development projects ranging from start-ups in Silicon Valley to large educational institutions, such as Stanford and to public companies, such as Monster Worldwide. The offshore location of our development centers allows Svitla Systems to offer customers very cost effective yet world-class quality software development outsourcing and testing. In our software outsourcing company we use the following working models: dedicated team, fixed price and hourly rate (more info).

We pride ourselves in being very responsive in customer service, strong on quality and effective at getting the job done.

Custom Software Development

The most effective working model for our custom software development customers is “team extension” or “dedicated team” model. This model allows our customers to reduce the costs of having their own development teams and increase development process’ efficiencies and productivity. 90% of our current customers use this model. Quite often in an on-going custom software development process, the project requirements are changing and evolving over time. The solution in such cases is a long-term partnership wih Svitla providing a dedicated developers team.

Our IT outsourcing company appoints project manager/lead developer for every such project, who is the team-lead for other developers. Customers communicate with team-lead and plan intermediate milestones to have phases of the custom software development project completed along the way. Based on our experience, one of the most important success criteria in offshore software development and web application development is an effective communication. We offer our customers highly qualified software developers with excellent English communications skills.  We provide only high quality software development services.

Web Application Development

In our projects we are using cutting edge technologies for web application development, desktop software development and mobile application development. Our company is known for its well-written and documented code, very cost effective prices and rapid development speed. Custom web application development is now more affordable than ever. Due to offshore location of our development offices, our software development company offers very reasonable prices for software outsourcing and software consulting coupled with excellent technical expertise. Our company is proud of multiple projects that we implemented for our customers. The knowledge and skills that or developers have accumulated and offer to our customers are our company’s core asset. We are delighted to offer our resources and their depth of expertise to our customers. This is the biggest advantage of software outsourcing development – we can share our experience with our partners, customers and never stop learning together with them.

Svitla Systems is focused on providing high quality custom web application development services.

Our Technologies

Svitla Systems, Inc. provides its custom software, web and mobile development services in most programming technologies.

Flexible Human Resource Management

Dedicated offshore developers will increase the productivity of your on-site team and reduce costs

Strong Expertise in Software Development

During our many years of work in the Software Development industry we accumulated extensive experience and expertise, which we are ready to share with you

Risk-free Offshore Development

Our Agile and SCRUM methodology make the process of design, development and maintenance risk-free for our customers