Natalia Anon CEO of Svitla Systems
CEO and Founder

Nataliya Anon

My Mission

I would compare the role of the CEO to the captain of the ship. Being at the helm of the company, I determine, enable, and implement the company’s strategy - where the ship is going and where to move next. I have to evaluate how revamp our internal processes at inflection growth points, constantly stay ahead of competition, follow industry trends, and implement new technologies. There is never a dull day for me - leading Svitla is always interesting and challenging.


My Philosophy

I believe that there are two key ingredients of being a successful entrepreneur: hard work and perseverance. To start a new business you have to work relentlessly and move many barriers. My key principles are to stay humble, strive for full realization of my capabilities, and do good in the process.

My success is my personal professional growth. I have grown tremendously alongside Svitla from all the years of leading the company, interacting with management team, IT experts, and industry leaders. It is wonderful to create a company culture where you can learn from others and grow professionally with them.

Life Work Balance

Aside from being Svitla's CEO, I'm the mother of three beautiful kids of school age. How do I balance these two roles? It is a good question, a tough one. Many moms can probably relate to me. It’s very demanding. Just being a mom is very demanding. The key thing is time management. It’s a skill that one acquires. I have to manage my schedule, prioritize what is important, what has to be done today or could be done tomorrow. And I always have to be flexible and multi-task. On the other hand, keeping perspective and taking time off is equally important. Every time I come back from a vacation, I see things from a fresh perspective.



  • The University of Kansas, Masters Degree in IT and Accounting
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA , 1999-2001


  • Angel One Venture Fund Advisory Board
  • Ukrainian Catholic University Foundation Board Member
  • Co-founder and Board Director for "", US non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
  • Co-founder of Ukrainian Stanford Student Association, 2000
  • Speaks 4 languages: Ukrainian, English, Spanish, and Italian

Professional Achievements:

  • Member of the Fourth Class of Growing Entrepreneurs, mentoring Program administered by the Committee of 200, 2000
  • Woman-owned business certification, 2013 - present
  • Founder and ex-CEO of Lohika Systems (acquired by Altran Solutions Corp. in 2016), 2001- 2003
  • Gold Winner, Globee®, Female Entrepreneur of the Year, 2023
  • Gold Winner, TITAN, Women in Business Awards, 2023
  • Silver Winner, Stevie Awards, Best Female Entrepreneur, 2022-23
  • Silver Winner, Winner in the Women World Awards, 2021
  • Winner, US Women in IT, 2021
  • Winner, CEO World Awards, 2020

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