NODUS, scientific and practical center of neurorehabilitation

by Svitla Team

October 21, 2020

Svitla Systems is an active supporter of the Neurological and Neurosurgical Rehabilitation Research Centre, also known as NODUS. 

NODUS is the only clinic in Ukraine with end-to-end care for patients with central and peripheral nervous system impairment. It was specifically established for wounded Ukrainian soldiers, and in 2019, it completed 261 programs of neurorehabilitation for individuals. Of those, 12 gravely wounded soldiers were treated and underwent tailored rehabilitation.

In 2020, Svitla Systems participated in two initiatives.

The first one covered the restorative treatment and rehabilitation expenses of Elena Mosiychuk, a military doctor who saved hundreds of lives and was recognized as a “National Hero of Ukraine”.

Second, partly covered expenses of a new G-EO System, a device that provides the world’s most advanced robot-assisted gait rehabilitation with unique features to realistically simulate climbing stairs. This can be operated by one therapist only. With the use of this system, it is possible to restore

  • walking (gait) in a much shorter period of time;
  • individual gait pattern, climbing stairs inclusive;
  • walking, not just moving lower limbs.
by Svitla Team
October 21, 2020