Svitla Systems CSR Report 2023

Svitla Systems CSR Report 2023

by Svitla Team

December 31, 2023

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023


Nataliya Anon, Founder and CEO of Svitla Systems
We build a business that is not only profitable but contributes to the well-being of other communities and makes a lasting difference in the world.

At Svitla Systems, our commitment to community and social responsibility is fundamental to our identity. By actively participating in charitable programs, we strive to make a tangible difference in the communities that have welcomed us. From local initiatives to global outreach, our efforts are designed to support and inspire. 

Headquartered in the US, Svitla Systems holds its Ukrainian origins close to heart. Our first development center was established in Kyiv in 2003, where we quickly grew, establishing presence in the US, Latin America, the EU, and Asia. In response to the challenges caused by the full-scale invasion Russia initiated on February 24, 2022, we've redoubled our support for our team and the broader communities in Ukraine, aiding those impacted by the war.

Our commitment to social responsibility extends across all regions where Svitla operates. For instance, Svitla Mexico has participated in the United Race for five years, embodying our values of inclusivity and diversity.

We are proud to share our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) summary for 2023, which highlights our ongoing dedication to cultivating a supportive and diverse workplace culture and demonstrates a deep-seated commitment to positively impacting both a local and global scale.

Nataliya Anon CEO of Svitla Systems

Support For Our Ukrainian Team

In response to the challenges presented by the open-scale war Russia initiated, our HR department has significantly ramped up its efforts. Prioritizing the health and safety of our team members, we've maintained monitoring of their locations, assessing their immediate technical needs and ensuring their comprehensive care. Acknowledging the need for mental health support, we extended the services of a corporate psychologist, which over 30% of our team has utilized. Additionally, we have provided corporate webinars focused on mental health and overall wellness, further supporting our employees during these trying times.

We stand in solidarity with our teammates who have joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces, ensuring their positions are secure and providing them with over 60% of their regular salaries.

Adapting to the realities of the conflict, including potential power outages from attacks on Ukraine's electricity infrastructure, we've shifted from traditional celebratory gifts to more practical items such as power banks, lights, and warm hoodies. Furthermore, our offices in Kyiv and Lviv have been additionally equipped with essential backup resources, ensuring our ability to maintain continuous workflow, even in emergencies.

Thanks to those efforts and unparalleled strength and dedication, our Ukrainian Svitla Team continues to operate at full capacity, delivering high-quality services to our clientele. 

Svitla Team

Volunteer Community at Svitla

At Svitla, we stand united in the belief that overcoming aggression requires a collective effort, with unity as our cornerstone. We are deeply proud of our colleagues who have bravely joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces, embodying courage and resilience. Meanwhile, our Volunteer Community is dedicated to supporting the front lines, ensuring essential supplies like winter gear, medical supplies, ammunition, thermal imagers, drones, and vehicles reach various units and brigades in need.

In 2023, Svitla Systems contributed $21,000 and technical equipment supporting 30+ volunteer projects to achieve or even surpass their fundraising targets. This effort underscores our commitment to making a tangible difference. We sincerely thank our team, partners, and friends for their steadfast support and contributions. Every effort you make brings us a step closer to peace. 

Svitla Volunteers Community

Our Assistance to War Victims

Natalia Anon, Svitla Systems’ CEO and the co-founder of the US Charitable Foundation “Angelik” has consistently championed the cause of Ukrainian children affected by the war. This foundation has been a beacon of hope for children who lost their parents in this tragic conflict. Thus far, with the collaborative efforts of various funds and volunteers, over $607,203 has been directed to support these children's medicinal, nutritional, and relocation needs, covering over 130 different foundations.

“Smart Future” Charity School

Svitla Systems, in partnership with the "Smart Future" Charity School, introduced a new course centered on "Fundamentals of Computer Literacy" and "Graphic Design." Over October - December, 30 youngsters aged 10-18, embarked on their introductory journey into the IT realm. 

Having been a steadfast supporter of "Smart Future" since 2017, Svitla recognizes the program's significant role in assisting children impacted by the ongoing conflict and challenges in the region. This initiative offers many of these children a distinctive chance to explore the world of IT. The broader community is encouraged to support this notable cause by visiting With a commitment to fostering education and empowerment, both organizations remain dedicated to envisioning a brighter future for Ukraine. 

Scholarships in Memory of Former Director of UA Operations, Andriy Galych

In August 2023, Svitla Systems heartbreakingly reported the tragic loss of our former Director of UA Operations, Andriy Galych, who had bravely lost his life defending Ukraine amidst Russian aggression. Serving the company from 2010 to 2018, Mr. Galych's contributions were characterized by exemplary leadership, steadfast integrity, and an unwavering commitment to the organization.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Andriy Galych was remembered as a cherished friend and a symbol of moral uprightness. His valorous decision to serve as a Senior Lieutenant in the electronic warfare and cyber defense service epitomized the profound principles he stood for.

In a tribute to honor his memory and legacy, Natalia Anon, CEO and Founder of Svitla Systems, granted 12 yearly scholarships at the Ukrainian Catholic University to students whose parents are on the front lines defending Ukraine. This gesture of scholarship was a testament to ensuring his memory remains evergreen and inspires future generations. The initiative was formally endorsed by Yulia Komar, Director of Legacy Giving (p. 23).

Trauma Brace Android App in Ukraine

Svitla Systems brought the Trauma Brace application to Ukrainian Android users as an extension of Svitla's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the well-being of war victims. Svitla's decision to work on this initiative underscored the company's dedication to creating innovative solutions that serve real-world needs and enhance the quality of life. 

Trauma Brace, originally developed as an iOS app, had been a practical and accessible tool for supporting individuals dealing with traumatic experiences. It was a comprehensive program that aided in reducing symptoms of trauma, helping civilians and soldiers alike, with a self-help format that included instructions, tracking, and assistance. Trauma Brace, built on evidence-based techniques, has been recognized for its significant impact in reducing trauma symptoms. 

Meyli Chapin, Author, Speaker, Survivor | Founder at Trauma Brace, said,"Working with Svitla to bring Trauma Brace to Android was an honor and a privilege. Not only was their team incredibly kind, responsive, and knowledgeable, but they were also immensely committed to doing good for the world. Their efforts to bring Brace to Android not only doubled the total population that can seek relief from PTSD through the use of the app, they also made it possible for the vast majority of Ukrainian sufferers to make use of this tool during a time when it is so desperately needed. I am not only grateful but awed at their assistance in bringing this project to life. It would not have been possible without their philanthropic efforts."

Dedication to Inclusion and Diversity

Svitla Systems has passionately upheld the spirit of unity for half a decade through its annual participation in the United Race. Celebrating our fifth year in this noble endeavor, our spirited team once again converged to champion the cause of harmonious coexistence between individuals with and without disabilities. This event, characterized by its familial warmth and inclusive ethos, witnessed Svitla members from all walks of life running, walking, and jogging side by side. Donning our signature orange shirts, we collectively symbolized a profound commitment to fostering a world of inclusivity and diversity. 

The smiles we exchange and the steps we take together foster an environment where boundaries are overcome. A heartfelt thank you to all participants who made this occasion extraordinary. We eagerly await next year's event, fully charged to sprint towards an ever-inclusive, diverse, and unified tomorrow.

by Svitla Team
December 31, 2023