Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon

by Svitla Team

October 07, 2019

For many people, the desire to run a marathon is a mystery. But not for Svitla Team, who has successfully finished various distances at Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon. We have asked our personnel to tell us what motivated them in their journeys.

Oleksandra Mykulska, 4.2 km: “To become a part of something great and to be a role model for others and finally - for myself. To recall the feeling of testing your body and spirit.”

Tatiana Batsalay, 4.2 km: “Neither will do for photos on Instagram 😂 I like the great atmosphere of marathon and now I’ve gained a desire for sport."

Anton Kliachyn, 4.2 km: “I was too lazy to walk, so I ran.”

Marya Romanova, 21 km: “Running is a special way of meditation and self-discipline. I have long wanted to enter the marathon challenge and now the first step has been taken."

Дмитренко Александр, 21 km: “I wanted to break the last record.”

Oleksandr Moskovka, 21 km: “Running is a life 😊”

Alex Golub, 10 km: “I decided to run because the marathon is the biggest event in long-distance running, and it is a sport for individualists. For me, it’s a way to test your tenacity in which the result depends just on you and cannot be destroyed by the idlers of your team!”

Sasha Kryvobochek, 10 km: “Only I have no pathos ☺️ I run because I often walk around Kyiv at night.”

Was it easy? Honestly, no. But it is totally worth doing!

by Svitla Team
October 07, 2019