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Svitla's Leadership, headed by Nataliya Anon, combines experience and strategy to deliver solid results and an excellent client experience.

Nataliya Anon
CEO and Founder

Nataliya Anon - a Stanford Business School graduate with Ukrainian heritage, entrepreneur, leader, and strategic implementer - is the Founder and CEO of Svitla Systems.

Nataliya brings to Svitla extensive international business experience, keen cross-cultural knowledge and strong interpersonal skills. Her client-centric approach and relentless dedication to the highest standards have propelled Svitla’s success in the last decade.

Prior to founding Svitla in 2003, Nataliya founded and served as CEO of Lohika Systems (acquired by Altran Solutions Corp. in 2016) Before that, she held management positions at Ernst & Young as well as received private equity and venture capital experience in the US and UK, where she made investments in various emerging technologies and manufacturing companies. Nataliya was a member of the Fourth Class of Growing Entrepreneurs Mentoring Program administered by the Committee of 200. Nataliya was also the co-founder of Ukrainian Students Association at Stanford. She holds a Masters Degree in IT and Accounting from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Stanford University.

Mark DeMeo
SVP/Chief Revenue Officer

Mark has worked the last 20+ years managing large data transformation project for clients including AC Nielsen Advance Technology Group, GE Advance Technology, Department of Defense, St. Jude Children Hospital, WR Berkley Insurance, Ocwen Financial, CNA Insurance, Cameron Harris Group, AgData, Monsanto, American Movil, and other clients. He has worked in implementing technology and product solutions for many clients including application development, package integration, product integration, ERP system implementations, IT Operations, Data Warehousing and Distributed Information Management systems in high data volume businesses involving IBM, Oracle, Sybase, HP, and other technologies.  

Mark’s background includes working with SSADM, ELH, UMT, and other data management frameworks for understanding the life cycle of data from inception to archiving. At AC Nielsen, he worked as a lead data architect for the rewrite of the Nielsen Solution System into a distributed calculation and storage solution to achieve 100 Billion data points for Consumer Package Goods industry. At GE Aircraft Advance Technology, he led the Data Management team for the Performance and Cycle Engineering for managing aircraft engine and flight simulations for the design of next-generation aircraft engines. For other companies such as Nestle NA, CNA, and Northern Trust he led the data warehousing and reporting initiatives for building world-class analytics platforms for marketing, profit profile, customer service, and risk identification. At Tracfone Wireless a subsidiary of American Movil, he led the implementation and design of their next-generation application platform utilizing Distributed Cloud integration and SOA architecture. 

Igor Khilko
Chief Operating Officer

Igor joined Svitla in February to supervise and coordinate the management processes in Ukraine. His extensive management and intercultural experience came from leading several business units at ABB, a Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich.

With the rapid growth that Svitla is experiencing his solid team leadership and people management skills and motivation will be more than useful.

Anna Bushchan (Biriukova)
Senior Regional Vice President, US East

Anna Bushchan (Biriukova) has over 15 years of experience in managing and developing a diverse range of projects and initiatives, her expertise spans across project and program management, product development, and strategic planning. As the Senior Regional VP at Svitla Systems, Anna is playing a pivotal role in driving regional growth and operational excellence, leading cross-functional teams to achieve significant business milestones. She is instrumental in implementing strategic initiatives that enhanced efficiency and innovation within the company. 

Throughout her career, she has been leading multiple efforts, from the deployment of cloud-based solutions, enhancing data accessibility and security, as well as implemented advanced analytics and AI technologies to optimize business processes and decision-making.

Anna places paramount importance on the people who work for her at Svitla. She believes that empowering her team with the right tools, training, and support is essential for achieving outstanding results. Her leadership style is centered on fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment, which has led to enhanced team performance and job satisfaction. By prioritizing her team's development and well-being, Anna ensures that they are motivated and equipped to drive the company's success.

Grzegorz Mozdzynski
VP of Sales, Europe

Grzegorz Mozdzynski brings over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Sales management having worked with global corporations across the US, UK, Canada, and Europe. Grzegorz’s strong knowledge of the IT industry grounds on partnerships with several technology consulting companies, where, as an Executive Director, he promoted advanced digital transformation projects, high-level semantic vector search, AI, and ML-based search models, eCommerce and retail search solutions. Furthermore, prior to Svitla Grzegorz worked as Marketing Director supervising marketing strategies, brand positioning, and communication development of such big brands as Nokia, Emporia, and F1 Racing in local and regional markets. Cooperation with these global brands also implied reaching extensive growth goals, leading sales teams, generating sales strategies, campaigns, and activities.

Svitlana Filimoshkina
Senior Regional Vice President, US West

Svitlana Filimoshkina is a distinguished leader and sales professional, bringing over 13 years of experience in the outsourcing and outstaffing IT industry to her role. With a remarkable tenure of 11 years at Svitla, Svitlana possesses an unparalleled understanding of the industry and her clients' needs.

Known for her strong interpersonal skills and exceptional ability to connect with people, Svitlana excels in building lasting relationships. In her current role as Senior Regional Vice President of the West Coast, she leads a team of sales representatives, focusing on team management, forecasting, and driving business growth. Svitlana fosters a collaborative and high-performing environment, ensuring that each team member reaches their full potential. Through strategic planning and market trend analysis, she develops forecasts that lay the foundation for success.

Svitlana's peers and colleagues describe her as a progressive, driven, and down-to-earth leader. She takes pride in delivering superior solutions that achieve profitable results on time and within budget. Svitlana is dedicated to making a lasting impact on Svitla, her team, and the regional landscape, consistently striving for excellence in all her endeavors.

Jorge Valadez
Exec VP of Sales and Delivery, LatAm

Jorge Valadez brings over 20 years of experience in corporate sales, marketing and business administration. His Computer Science background, excellent management skills and native knowledge of Mexico IT market create a perfect ground for his leadership in Svitla Latin America.

Prior to Svitla, Jorge held various key positions as Delivery Manager and Sales & Marketing Director, in both software development and testing companies, serving global clients from Mexico. He is also passionate about entrepreneurship, founding and effectively selling 2 companies.

Certified by UNIDO, he performed in 2010 as lead advisor to 5 different Export Consortiums, achieving exports to Central, South America and Asia. Jorge holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from ITESO in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm, Germany. He studied Strategic Global Marketing and won a scholarship from Mexico´s Consulate at Silicon Valley to attend the International Summer Program for Entrepreneurs at Stanford University during his MBA studies at ITESO in Guadalajara, where he got his Master’s degree.

Keith Liggett
VP of Delivery Management, US

Keith is a leader of creative yet pragmatic business transformations from vision through execution. As a consultant to large, medium, and small enterprises with 20+ years of experience, he performs cross-functional transformations and evolutionary programs (strategy to the roadmap, PMO optimization, project recovery).

Keith’s key focus areas include stakeholder expectations, user and customer experience, governance, impacts to processes, systems, integrations, and data, and delivery quality leading to timely value realization. His systems thinking helps to reveal complexities and dependencies: business models, value propositions, context diagrams, data flows, entity relationships, function/process flows, and stakeholder analysis.

Moreover, Keith has vast experience in program and project management, full life cycle product implementations and custom builds with various models as per client alignment and organization.

Anna Bigun
VP of Delivery Management, EU and Asia

Anna has 10+ years of experience in software development and leads the group of Project Coordinators to make sure that Svitla Systems satisfies customers' needs quickly, meets expectations, and solves the Ad-hoc cases. Besides, Anna manages fixed-price and T&M projects from the requirements gathering to the launch and future support. Her vast experience includes overseeing the projects for such well-known companies as Amazon, TripAdvisor, Deutsche Borse AG, Logitech, Coupa and others. 

Viktoria Bondarenko
VP, Global Recruiting

Viktoria supervises the general strategy and everyday work of Svitla’s European Recruitment Department. Her over 14 years of experience in managing recruitment processes of such Information Technology leaders as Luxoft and Cogniance, help her in building a highly effective approach for Svitla.

Viktoria focuses on full-cycle recruiting performance, updating and designing new procedures, processes, and KPIs. She is also responsible for coaching the Recruitment team while driving them to further success.

Her talents and professional skills are undoubtedly key ingredients of the high-quality services level we provide to our clients, finding top candidates tailored to their requirements and projects. At the same time keeping top-standards of candidate relations, conducting essential care throughout the whole recruitment process.

Viktor Tsyuk
CFO \ Global Director of Finance

Viktor Tsyuk is responsible for the financial side of Luneba’s operations. Viktor has held senior accountant appointments for more than 20 years of experience and has a deep understanding of the economic and financial topics, especially as they relate to the IT industry. Thanks to his attention to detail and proactive approach, Luneba’s cooperation with clients and partners runs smoothly and without delays. Since 2007, Viktor holds a certificate from the Ukrainian Auditors Association.

Viktor is a graduate of the Ivano-Frankivsky Ukrainian National University and International Business Institute, with a specialty in Economics.

Viktor Druz
Corporate Finance Controller

Viktor Druz, a Fellow of the British Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA), boasts over two decades of extensive experience in finance, accounting, and audit (PwC). As the Corporate Finance Controller at Svitla Systems, Inc., Viktor has been instrumental in overseeing financial and management reporting, control, analysis, managing external audits, and driving finance process improvements and digitization efforts.  His role requires collaborating with various departments to ensure timely and accurate reporting, financial planning, effective controls, business analysis, and supporting management decisions of the Company.

Viktor's experience also includes his tenure as the Global Finance Process Owner at VEON Group, where he optimized global financial processes across major operational companies and implemented the Oracle Fusion platform. Additionally, as the Head of Financial Reporting and Accounting Methodology at JSC Kyivstar, Viktor developed and implemented IFRS-based accounting policies, streamlined reporting processes, and ensured minimal external audit findings. He used to work in the assurance and consulting performance improvement departments in PwC. 

His strategic mindset and expertise in financial management have consistently driven operational efficiencies and improved financial performance in various organizations.

Throughout his career, Viktor has demonstrated a strong ability to lead financial transformations, optimize processes, and drive strategic initiatives that align with business growth objectives. His technical proficiency in ERP and EPM systems and financial software, combined with his deep understanding of international financial standards, makes him a valuable asset to any organization.

Mariia Petrovych
Director of Human Resources, EU and Asia

Mariia Petrovych, HR Director for EU and Asia, has over 8 years of experience in the IT industry's Human Resources area.  She supports the company’s growth and development by defining the talent strategies in the EU and Asia markets. 

Mariia is responsible for people management and organizational culture,  shaping and executing HR strategies at Svitla Systems. She manages diverse HR teams across the EU and Asia regions, overseeing the implementation of HR policies, monitoring performance, and providing overall reporting on HR activities. 

Mariia promotes a positive work environment where everyone feels appreciated and heard. Her dedication ensures that Svitla's HR practices are effective, compliant, and conducive to organizational growth.


Alanis Fallas
Director of Human Resources, LATAM

Alanis Fallas supervises the everyday activities of our Costa Rica division and recruits qualified candidates for Svitla in Costa Rica. Prior to joining Svitla, Alanis has worked in tech companies from small startups and agencies to large transnational corporations. With many years of experience in charging recruitment, Alanis has developed an exceptional skill to identify and attract the best talent on the market based on the needs required by the client. 

In Svitla, apart from creating and maintaining a candidate pipeline and HR recruitment process, Alanis steers the process of building a vibrant Svitla tech community in Costa Rica, managing a smart way to welcome amazing peers from Svitla glocal locations to enjoy the best perks, accommodation, and beauty Costa Rica can offer.

Beatriz Hoyo
Human Resources, Mexico

Beatriz has Human Resources experience of more than 15 years of which 8 have been in the IT industry. At Svitla she took the proactive role in managing our fastly growing Mexico Team. By summarizing her work as ATTRACT, MAINTAIN AND RETAIN, she is responsible for creating and maintaining our teammates' journey from a candidate to an employee. Following the unparallel passion for building effective communications, Beatriz designs the unparallel Svitla’s open-door culture, leading staff management, development, maintenance and retention, focusing all her efforts on making a workplace experience beneficial for all our employees. 

Beatriz is a dynamic hands-on professional with the ability to lead, partner and solve issues and deliver high-quality and efficient customer service in a fast-paced, diverse and growing environment.

Beatriz holds a degree in Public Accounting and is obtaining her MBA degree in Human Resources.

Illya Reznykov

Certified Cloud Architect with over 25 years of experience, Illya has a proven track record of transforming legacy applications through codebase review, refactoring, optimization, migration, and integrating new features. His hands-on experience with development, DevOps practices, on-premises and cloud deployments in AWS and Azure further illustrates his versatility as a leader in the cloud domain.

Illya is proficient in the end-to-end process of architecting applications, whether initiating projects from the ground up or breathing new life into existing ones (“legacy”). Beyond technical prowess, Illya has project management expertise. This extends to gathering business requirements, creating MVPs, engaging with stakeholders and end-users, and managing tasks and backlogs adeptly.

Alongside his main responsibilities, Illya enriches the tech community by hosting webinars on AWS and Azure for software and cloud professionals. He's also penned several articles on discrete mathematics, focusing on automata theory, and runs a personal blog sharing his insights in these areas.

Maksym Podobivskyi
Director, Svitla Development Center

With a career spanning over 15 years, Maksym Podobivskyi has dedicated himself to project management and the successful delivery of products and services. His experience ranges from overseeing projects from inception to managing semi-developed offerings, demonstrating a solid foundation in strategy development and delivering growth-oriented results.

Today, as the acting Director of the Svitla Development Center at Svitla Systems, Maksym is focused on supervising engineering teams to significantly impact existing processes, systems, and solutions. One of his primary focus areas is determining, implementing, and managing Svitla’s business objectives, results, and risks to build robust strategies and ensure project delivery.

Maksym has an academic background from the National Technical University of Ukraine and is passionate about project and program management.

Emanuel Perez
CTO, Latin America

With over 12 years of experience, Fausto is a seasoned professional specializing in Digital Transformation, DevOps, Quality Assurance, PMO, Program Management, Project Management, Scrum Mastery, Agile Coaching, and Innovation techniques. As the current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for LATAM, Fausto is passionate about building high-performing, self-managed, world-class teams. He has a proven track record of transforming organizations through strategic project oversight, process optimization, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

In his role as CTO, Fausto excels in orchestrating end-to-end project delivery, from initial planning and requirement gathering to execution and final delivery. His expertise spans across implementing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines, ensuring high-quality software releases, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. With a deep understanding of Digital Transformation, Fausto drives significant change within organizations by modernizing legacy systems and leveraging innovative technologies to enhance business operations across the LATAM region.

In addition to his leadership role, Fausto adeptly manages multiple projects simultaneously, aligning them with business goals and ensuring timely delivery within budget. His expertise as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach has enabled teams to embrace Agile methodologies, enhancing productivity and adaptability.

Johan Marchán
Delivery Center Manager, Argentina

As the Delivery Manager, Johan is responsible for working closely with Svitla's Sales and Projects teams to secure new clients, screen candidates, and plan resources. He is one of the primary points of contact for new and existing clients and is responsible for delivering world-class client experiences, expanding the magnitude of our client relationships, and serving as the primary escalation point for clients as needed. Johan has a strong background in delivering digital products and a solid understanding of software development using Agile and waterfall methodologies.

Olga Contreras
Delivery Center Manager, Mexico

Olga Contreras, Delivery Center Manager for Svitla Systems in Mexico, is a pivotal leader in overseeing projects and managing teams across the region. She collaborates closely with Svitla's Sales and Projects teams to secure new clients, screen candidates, and plan resources effectively. Olga serves as the primary point of contact for Svitla clients, ensuring exceptional experiences and expanding existing relationships. Her strong background in delivering digital products and expertise ensures seamless project execution and high client satisfaction.

In her role, Olga is responsible for all teams based in Mexico, monitoring their performance and maintaining robust client relationships. She is deeply involved in the recruiting process, hiring, and staffing, ensuring the right resources are allocated to meet client needs. Olga's strategic oversight and operational excellence in handling day-to-day communications and managing strategic accounts significantly contribute to Svitla's success in the region.

Olga's extensive experience, technical proficiency, and commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in technological projects make her an invaluable asset to Svitla Systems. Her dedication to creating effective solutions and driving excellence underscores her vital role in the company's growth and success.

Kostyantyn Kharchenko, Ph.D., Chief Technical Architect | Svitla Systems
Kostyantyn Kharchenko
Chief Technical Architect, PH.D.

As the Chief Technical Architect, Kostyantyn Kharchenko leads the technical department as our IT guru and sets up the strategy and processes standards. Kostyantyn has over 20 years of experience in complex software systems development and design. His strong engineering background has contributed to Svitla’s continued success.

Kostyantyn’s previous work experience includes top technical positions in such prominent companies as Digital Equipment Corp., Compaq Corp, Intel and Panasonic. His deep understanding of the emerging industries and strong technical skills allow him to help Svitla’s clients create technologies of the future.

Kostyantyn holds Masters and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, one of the top academic institutions in Ukraine.

Anastasiya Ogorodnyk
VP of Partner Alliances and Business Development

Anastasiya Ogorodnyk is a distinguished marketing and sales professional with over 19 years of experience, primarily in the IT and Telecom industries, among others. As the Vice President of Lead Generation and Cloud Solutions Sales at Svitla Systems, Inc., she is renowned for her strategic leadership and expertise. Her role involves spearheading lead generation campaigns and managing various partnerships and alliances, all aimed at maximizing business performance.

Anastasiya's career is marked by her significant contributions to well-known companies such as Microsoft, TeamViewer, Shell Oil Company, lifecell (Turkcell), Ukrtelecom, and Kyivstar GSM. At these companies, she launched major brand initiatives and implemented comprehensive sales and marketing strategies, consistently driving growth and success.

Olena Bobalo
VP of Global Marketing, PhD

With over 15 years of experience, Olena Bobalo is a seasoned VP of Global Marketing at Svitla Systems, specializing in marketing, analytics, and strategic leadership within the IT sector. Olena holds a PhD in Economics Sciences, showcasing her analytical prowess and academic depth.

Her career is distinguished by her ability to develop comprehensive marketing strategies, enhance brand visibility, and lead impactful projects in international and IT-focused companies. Olena's certifications in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and QMS Internal Auditor underline her commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in marketing processes. Olena’s expertise in marketing, market analysis, and strategic planning is complemented by her proficiency in multiple languages, enhancing her effectiveness in global markets.

Renowned for her collaborative leadership style and openness to new opportunities, Olena continuously drives her teams toward excellence, aligning marketing strategies with business goals in dynamic tech environments.


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