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The Art of Software Development


Few people understand all of the work that goes on behind the scenes of a software development firm. In the Ukraine, programming and development call for not only a high level of technical skills, but a certain amount of artistry. The art of software development is born from a desire to create the best product possible for our clients.

The developer’s job is to build the software solutions our customers envision. The catch is that many of them don’t know what they want, or they’re uncertain about the direction of a project. Svitla Systems distinguishes itself by our ability to listen when a customer talks about what they want to achieve. Consider the blend of technical and artistic skills it takes to make ideas a reality. We work in the creative digital realm. Our programmers are particularly skilled at translating generalities into specific technicalities and project estimates. We begin with a solid proposal that outlines the technical aspects the software will need in order to perform the functions the client wants.

When you approach software design as an artistic platform in which ideas come to life, the design concepts that result are going to be unique and innovative. Most importantly, they’re going to work. It is common practice in North America for software developers to build on pre-existing lines of code, either from other projects or free source content. In contrast, Svitla starts from the ground up, creating new codes and programming for each project.

Software development is often described in relation to its technical aspects. This paints an incomplete picture and blurs the very qualities that distinguish one firm from the others around the world. There are still many companies that don’t realize the full potential of working with a highly creative offshore software development firm. It’s the little details in structure and how different elements work together that pull a product together and make it special. We feel that it’s essential to use a team with a wide range of skills and expertise rather than a single programmer. Svitla builds teams to create the code and style to deliver the best software we can create.

Businesses are slowly becoming aware of the advantages of working with Slavic programmers. Their knowledge is on par with American programmers, but the people are modest and humble. The Svitla teams strive to deliver on what they promise, and they never offer the bare minimum. Egos are checked at the door, and their systematic minds know when to problem solve and when to rely on creative intuition.

by Svitla Team

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