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AWS Migration Journey: challenges, solutions, outcomes


As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Services Provider, Svitla Systems helps dozens of enterprise customers move to the cloud, picking up the process from any stage of their migration journey. In our upcoming webinar, we will share our proven techniques and tools that accelerate moving to AWS. 

In this video you will find: 

  • business drivers for migrating to the cloud;
  • planning, choosing a proven pattern, methodologies and tools;
  • assessing on-premises resources that will impact the migration; 
  • mobilizing to address any gaps uncovered in the assess phase; 
  • migration & modernization all or part of your infrastructure and application portfolio;
  • successful roadmap and implementation of the cloud migration. 

All these points and many more will be addressed by our Cloud Service Director Teebu Philip - a leading expert who brings a rich and varied wealth of practical, hands-on experience in working with organizations of all sizes, from large enterprises to startups. Teebu has led large enterprise transformation initiatives and startups moving from MVP through MMP to stable operations. His global management background with distributed IT Development and Operations teams in the US, Europe, and India along with deep knowledge of enterprise architecture, systems integration, SaaS, DevOps, and Cloud Technologies make Teebu Philip a fascinating speaker to listen to. 

by Svitla Team
September 14, 2022

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