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It is always very exciting to discover a new business model together with startup’s founders. Our customers may come to us having only idea of future business and high-level requirements. We can help such customers to create achievable requirements, estimate the project efforts and establish the development team. Even non-technical person is able to bring his idea to reality with professional help of our specialists.

The customer may communicate with a team leader assigned to each team who will be able to find and clarify the inconsistencies in specifications, provide options of implementation, recommend best technologies and explain the proposed solutions. Such communication helps to verify that both sides understand the concept the same way and are aiming to the same goal. As the project grows, the team may be transformed and extended corresponding to the business needs.

As an option, we can propose Agile methodology, when the Product Owner from customer side prioritizes back-log and team estimates and develops each user story accordingly.
The example of such startup is our customer We helped them to pass the way from an idea to the beautiful product which is growing to the next level.

a Fast growing company that needs team extension

To stay at the top of the industry and be competitive among others, companies need to grow and maintain their resources. Very often, the companies that started their existence with a few developers, after several years may feel that they need additional specialists to create even more state-of-art features, invent new products and implement modern technologies.

In such cases, the company needs to extend its IT resources. The one way to do this is to pick new developers by company’s own forces (using headhunting recruiting technologies). Another way is to apply to the outsourcing company for help. For such customers, Svitla Systems proposes a remote team extension model, which means that we select a team of developers special for the customer’s purposes. The developers hired by Svitla pass various interviews and tests before being engaged. We can guarantee the high quality of our services.

The process of integration of the Company’s existing team and a new dedicated team usually passes without any problems and the new team quickly involves in the project. Upon the request, the team leader of the dedicated team may go to the customer to meet face to face, get deeper into the project details and then go back to Ukraine to train and manage the rest of the team. As the result, the customer receives the complete team ready to start immediately. This is a great experience for both sides that worth trying.

One of many examples who shows such cooperation is Inflection, our long-term customer for whom and with whom we developed many valuable products.

a Company that needs developers for support and maintenance

If your company lacks one or two developers to substitute some of your previous team members or to have additional support, Svitla Systems can pick an ideal candidates for you. Our developers are hard working, enthusiastic and have excellent communication skills what is very important for establishing a good contact. Also you can extend your team with testers, web designers, product owners, technical writers and other IT professionals. All our specialists are highly educated, have vast IT experience and can inhale a new fresh jet of air into your business.

When you hire a specialist from Svitla, you obtain a new member of your team.

by Svitla Team

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