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Combine Individual Strengths for Your Developing Team


When programming for multiple platforms, the uniqueness of each platform whether Android, Windows, iPhone or another, and the differences between the platforms must be considered. You can benefit from approaching how you develop teams in much the same way. Each platform offers to the industry a distinctiveness that is difficult to duplicate, and the strength of a given platform is in that uniqueness. Likewise, a given developer can bring a unique strength to a team of engineers. A jack-of-all-trades may have some advantages but may not always be the best choice for your developing team.

Our developers have been involved with many projects on different platforms. These developers work well together, using their unique programming skills to coordinate between different mobile platforms, using a variety of programming languages. For example, if a particular developer creates a function for the iPhone, a different programmer is able to read and interpret the source and create the same functionality for Java. Conversely, the functionality for Java can be interpreted by developers on our team who have expertise in developing in Objective-C as well as .NET for Windows Mobile.

The benefit of building a team in which each member brings unique strengths to the group is clear. This holds true regardless of where the programmers live. In other parts of the world, programmers have special knowledge and they have unique practices in their engineering schools that bring advantages to the developing teams that employ them.

For instance, engineers from schools located in India possess an exceptional work ethic. Engineers in Ukraine and Russia profit from excellent mathematical schools. In parts of central Europe, such as Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, engineers have very good writing habits that allow them to create better documentation. In the United States, engineers have a unique vision in terms of information structure and i-technology solutions in general.

These unique parts combined as a whole give you the control you need to obtain the best results for your project. Long distances do not need to hinder your team from delivering the best possible product or solution. The growing popularity of tablets, which are relatively inexpensive compared to laptop computers and very powerful in terms of ability to record video or work with complicated hardware, permit teams to remain connected across the distance. Consequently, engineers are inclined to use this technology, connecting them to team members across distances and aiding in communication of your engineering team members and ultimately the successful completion of your project.

by Svitla Team
May 30, 2012

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