Four Years at the Top: Svitla Systems Mexico Leads Best Place to Code!


Svitla Systems has been awarded “No. 1 Global Consulting Firm” for the fourth consecutive year in the annual Best Place to Code rankings, highlighting its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation within the IT sector in Mexico.

Jorge Valadez, Exec VP of Sales and Delivery, Latam, at Svitla Systems:"We pride ourselves on being a company that values its people – the heart of our software and innovation. Receiving #1 place once again is a true testament to our team's hard work in nurturing a progressive environment for our team and earning their confidence in Svitla Systems as a leading and trusted employer in the industry." 

Svitla Mexico Team

The company's journey from the 17th position in 2019 to maintaining the top spot since 2022 is a remarkable testament to its resilience and commitment to excellence. This consistent performance indicates the high-quality work environment and standards that Svitla Systems upholds.

"Best Place to Code" organized by Software Guru, is an esteemed recognition awarded to organizations that demonstrate excellence in key areas such as Compensation, Diversity and Equity, Professional Development, Culture, and Infrastructure. This accolade is based primarily on employee feedback, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation through employee ratings and survey participation.

With a strong team of over 150 professionals, Svitla Systems Mexico continues to set a benchmark in the IT industry, exemplifying the highest standards in the sector.

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