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Great Hints and Practical Tips to a Project Manager


A Project Manager is an engaging, electrifying, and consuming job, isn’t it? It requires constant self-education and professional seminars and conferences become valuable educational tools as well as sources of new ideas and experience exchange for a PM. In this post, we collected key life hacks we picked up at the recent “Kyiv Project Management Day” conference. Hopefully, they will help you to better manage your busy schedules!

Realize that risks do occur

It’s important to prepare yourself and all project stakeholders for the risks. Informed means armed, so once any risks occur, they are not a surprise for you, and you are ready to deal with them, notwithstanding the fact that it’s even good that risks can happen from time to time. Adding a risk register allows you to prioritize, categorize, and estimate all defined risks. PM is in charge of managing the degrees of all risks that might happen. Risk register is an important legitimate shield for a smart Project Manager.

Constantly keep the so-called “bus factor” in mind

There are people in your team, who always take ownership of delivering excellent results and sharing the rewards of success. Do not lose them! Keep in mind that people are your major asset. Making your team happy is a smart way to go. We highly recommend that you always defend and support every valuable member of your team.

Promise only what you can deliver

And never ever lie to either your team or your customers. Always remain as transparent as possible. Dare to deliver more that you’ve promised. Meet deadlines/commitments. Set realistic deadlines for all your activities and always follow them. When possible, dare to finish before the due time. Set priorities, keep things on short do-to lists and remain flexible.

Think about efficient communication

Keep in mind the Dunbar's number – 150 people – it’s the maximum number of relationships one person can maintain. Delegate what you should (share responsibility, but not roles!). Remember that only when the leader of the team begins to delegate, the team has all chances to reach success.

Make your customers happy

There are a number of things, which you should do to have a happy customer, starting from being devoted and business-oriented, to building a great rapport with a customer.. Meeting your customers in person is always a wonderful idea. It lets you better understand your customer’s culture and success criteria. Get to know what your customer wants and expects from you! Don’t be scared of your customer, try to explain your thoughts if you disagree with what he/she thinks. Share your ideas and give proof. Be positive and welcoming of your customer’s feedback and thoughts.

by Illia Chmut

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