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Hire App Developers: a Complete Guide

How to hire app developers for your next project

Nowadays, apps have become one of the single most important ways to connect with customers on a day to day basis.

With the growing need to deliver apps at a rapid pace to a world that uses smartphones and other devices such as tablets and laptops almost as second nature, it is only natural that the need for app developers rises as well. 

Whether creating an app from scratch or updating a current app offering, clients can meet the fast-paced environment of app development by hiring an outsourcing company such as Svitla Systems

Svitla Systems helps you save time while looking for the best resources, coordinating all the details of your app development project in terms of place, strategy, model, and more, and also helping you put together the strongest team of talent dedicated solely to your project.

Oftentimes, when clients don’t necessarily know all the particulars and complexity associated with developing an app, Svitla Systems takes the guesswork and stress out of the equation by offering clients a comprehensive strategy and deep understanding of the complexity and technology that should be implemented when building an app.

What you will experience when you hire an app developer from a trusted outsourcing company

High-quality work: At Svitla Systems, we have a broad portfolio of professional services that are rendered by experienced app developers and other IT professionals. Talented app developers come in every shape and size, each with their unique take on different kinds of technologies, apps, platforms, languages, and more. Clients can greatly benefit from the expertise of Svitla’s developers, especially when creating a unique app that is tailored for a specific purpose. Skilled developers can help clients hone in on a specific kind of technology or platform, providing a competitive advantage in the market by creating a singular product with the required functionality.

Reliability: By hiring developers from Svitla Systems, you ensure reliability in the level of service you’ll be receiving and paying for. At Svitla Systems, we follow stringent screening processes to ensure the talent, resources, and developers at hand meet the necessary requirements to compete in a modern, changing IT environment. We are always looking to hire the best talent possible to offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of developers who are experts in different tools and technologies.

Flexibility: With Svitla Systems, you have the advantage of adding, reducing, modifying, or updating features and functionalities to your app on the go. While changes should be meaningful and legitimate, clients appreciate the opportunity to request changes as new requirements or changing events surface.

Expertise and experience: By partnering with Svitla Systems, you have access to a pool of knowledge, expertise, and experience that sets the tone for problem-solving and innovation. Svitla Systems app developers are typically familiar with many different scenarios of the app development world and thus can make suggestions, solve problems on the go, and innovate. With apps, you want to be quick, smart, and unique, and our team of developers relate to that philosophy by bringing their many strengths to the table.

How does Svitla Systems alleviate client concerns when it comes to hiring app developers

At Svitla Systems, we have several strategies to help our clients build apps with the best talent available. These strategies include the following:

  • While some clients may fear a loss of control over their process, at Svitla Systems we focus on effective communication to maintain a steady stream of information to easily convey results, needs, updates, progress reports, and more. Our teams of developers are dedicated to keeping clients at rest and informed about the status of the app project.
  • Another common fear is reliability. To tackle this, at Svitla Systems we offer our clients a safety net of guidelines and policies to regulate your project with constant care and careful implementation systems to ensure a favorable app development process.
  • Last, but not least, clients want to find a budget-friendly partner. By partnering with Svitla Systems, clients gain a choice of different models that are designed to accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes, resulting in more effective use of resources.

You can find out more information here about the Svitla Systems solutions to common uncertainties about outsourcing software development.

The approach to hire app developers near me

In recent years, geographical location and proximity are losing their importance in highly interconnected environments where app developers and other IT-related professionals operate under the premise of helping clients gain a seamless experience by hiring talent from any place in the world.

As talent is accessible worldwide, the decision to hire app developers near me is losing its importance as well. Regardless of location, Svitla Systems provides you with expert developers who are already screened and put together for different app development needs. 

We understand the need to hire app developers who are the best at what they do, which is why we’ve set up development hubs in some of the most prolific locations worldwide: Ukraine and Mexico.

Ukraine is a hotspot for top-notch app developers. It is also a financially sound location to outsource app development projects, instead of dealing with the sky-high costs of developing an app in-house in the USA or other regions of Europe.

By partnering with Svitla Systems, clients access teams of developers that operate and feel like a true extension of an in-house team, working alongside the client to implement their branding and corporate culture into any project.

For a more detailed breakdown of how the philosophy of hiring software companies near me can limit your access to talent, take a look at our article on this interesting subject.

How to find an app developer for your project?

Now, you may be wondering how to find an app developer that is right for your project. While we are sorry to state that there is no single place where you can go to find an app developer, there are many resources and trusted partners you can seek to hire the best app developers. 

The most secure, reliable source to find talented developers is to hire a software development company, such as Svitla Systems. We provide outsourcing services rendered by strong, reliable, highly-skilled teams of developers who are ready and willing to start working on your app development process. 

At Svitla Systems, we have put in place a robust and comprehensive screening process to hire the best talent, and our growing list of happy customers are the best proof of successful results and most importantly, of the extremely talented teams of developers Svitla has in its ranks to deliver the greatest value when it comes to developing apps.

How much does it cost to hire an app developer?

A smart, experienced, and seasoned developer is passionate about their job and is a best-in-class problem solver. You want to hire someone to build an app with those qualities to be a part of your development team, but their valuable knowledge comes with a price. So, how much does it cost to hire an app developer? Given the rising demand for top talent, app developers are at a point in time where they can determine their worth based on their experience, uniqueness, and talent.

Paying the right dollar amount for your developers can be challenging if you are not familiar with the market trends of the app development workspace. To avoid the tiresome task of looking for freelance developers and understand the associated costs of hourly rates, benefit plans, and more, we recommend that you hire app developers directly from a software development company.

Svitla Systems takes care of the operational and compensation aspects of hiring app developers. Clients get the opportunity to take a shortcut that leads directly to the best app developers without the hassle of screening, interviewing, designing compensation packages, assigning insurance policies, and more. We offer full-service coverage, making it easier for clients to simply access the resources they need without unnecessary hurdles.

As stated before, at Svitla Systems we have different engagement models to accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes. The project rates will most likely depend on project size, the number of developers the project requires, and the complexity of the technologies and tools used, but we make it our main focus to meet the needs of the client to reach a satisfactory outcome for all the parties involved.

While it is difficult to pinpoint a specific number for how much it costs to hire app developers, it is noteworthy to mention that you should focus on quality over price. Don’t let us confuse you, the price is very important, but quality will yield better results for your project and you will be happy you made the investment once you see the final results of a successful app that is tailored to your needs.

The steps to hire the best app developers

These are some of the key steps we perform at Svitla Systems to hire the best app developers in the market:

  • We have developers that are domain experts. Developers with strong domain expertise are a notorious advantage if projects require in-depth knowledge and command of a specific domain, especially if the developers will face many challenges and stringent requirements.
  • At Svitla Systems, we look for developers with a comprehensive portfolio of experience developing apps. Additional to their technical skills, accomplished developers will also bring with them a wealth of experiences and a different perspective on how to handle diverse scenarios in the app development process.
  • We search for developers who are proficient in multiple platforms. When developing an app, there always comes a time in the process where the client must define in which platform will the app be developed. At Svitla Systems, we focus on hiring developers who are proficient in multiple platforms, giving clients the opportunity to choose from multiple platforms and select the one that best suits their app project needs.
  • At Svitla Systems, we are all about innovation. Apps are evolving every day, and so should developers. When hiring app developers, we focus on their attitude and responsiveness towards change, re-engineering, and fast-paced environments, since modifications are the bread and butter of each app development project. Being responsive and having the ability to easily adapt to a dynamic environment is a plus for any development team.
  • We hire good communicators. As we stated before, communication is pivotal in app development projects. While being a good communicator can be a challenge to developers who would much rather just focus on their tasks at hand, it is important to have good communicators in development teams who can easily convey requirements and needs of the project.
  • With Svitla’s comprehensive recruitment process, we always ask about the methodologies the developer has worked with. If a project requires an Agile app development process, it’s important to have Agile-savvy developers on board who understand and operate within that specific methodology.
  • We look for app developers who place central emphasis on user experience and design principles. Features are the functional aspect of the app and are absolutely important, but user experience and design add a layer of quality to an app that shouldn’t be skipped over or overlooked. With a lack-luster design, the likelihood of an app failing is greater as users won’t be attracted to use it and the app will fail the popularity test.
  • Last, but not least, at Svitla Systems we concentrate on hiring app developers who follow coding standards and are good about time management. Frameworks help make the lives of developers and clients easier. By following coding standards, developers work in a more structured and organized fashion that will be more efficient and effective for your development needs. Additionally, the developer should be skilled in the art of managing time effectively to deliver results in a timely manner.

At Svitla Systems, we look for diverse talent, and while not all developers will excel in every single category, it is important to define the right path to identify new and expert talent. 

When it comes to hiring the best app developers, there’s a great deal to consider, and we hope that by reading this guide you understand better the intricacies of hiring app developers and why it is incredibly  time-saving and cost-effective to hire a trusted software development company, such as Svitla Systems, for your app’s functional and business needs.

Svitla Systems is an experienced software development company that offers you a wide-ranging portfolio of talented app developers who have a strong technical background, but also possess good communication skills, a good attitude that meshes well with client’s corporate culture, and with a customer-oriented outlook to develop winning apps.

by Svitla Team

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