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How to organize HR processes: Svitla knows the answer


The Department of Human Resources of our company consists of several managers and IT recruiters – They are a dynamic group that is in charge of creating a sound atmosphere in all Svitla’s offices and help to keep the united corporate spirit. Their duties always balance between the company interests and employees’ well-being. This is not an easy task to control such a large organism and maintain its stability and at the same time keep an eye on every smallest element of it. Our HR managers cope with their job perfectly well. Let’s take a look inside the HR processes management of Svitla.

Corporate trainings

One of Svitla’s company initiatives is that always motivates its employees to continue learning. It is not a secret that IT is the fastest developing industry and IT specialists should regularly level up their proficiency and enlarge the scope of knowledge on a daily basis. Svitla created all necessary opportunities for self-education. Developers can attend trainings and conferences that take place in Ukraine quite often. Managers and the HR Team can also update their knowledge due to numerous webinars, workshops and printed materials. Every office of Svitla is equipped with a classroom for English lessons where employees can practice their language skills in a group of their level. Such organization saves time and money for additional courses and positively influences the general level of professionalism that we have come to expect.

Business trips

It goes without saying that no online-meeting can compare to life communication. That is why it is so important to meet face to face with customer before the project starts. Svitla organizes business trips for their team leaders to the customer side to get acquaintance with the company, its goals, technologies and employees, and bring to Ukraine the understanding of the idea and process of work with this exact customer. HR managers provide all organizational support for visa and trip questions.

Customer visit

It is one thing to get the information about the vendor by website and photos and quite another thing is to come personally and meet all these people behind the words. Many our customers prefer to come to Ukraine and see the process from inside. We take care of all organization of such visits – reception, accommodation, booking of tickets, excursions, translation, meetings with the team. Thus, the customer can personally present his ideas and set communication with the future employees. In practice, such visits leave a very positive impression on both sides and inspire everyone.


The task of our Human Resources department is to be an expert of events related to the company, and keep the employees in the loop of the most important news. Our HR keeps in touch with all employees of the company and we do not forget to greet them with happy events like birthdays, weddings, and awards. If any troubling situation arises, employees can contact any of the HR managers for help.

Performance appraisals

The process of performance appraisal is carried out two times per year. During these appraisals the team leaders and HR managers discuss with each employee his/her progress during the past period and set the goals for the next six months. As a result of such meetings the company management may take decision on employee promotion or salary increase.

Medical and Dental insurance

After the successful pass of the probation period lasting for six months, the employee is officially enrolled in the company staff and becomes the member of the Svitla team. For its employees Svitla provides the medical insurance policy. In case of any health trouble, the employee can call to the insurance company that should consult and address his or her problem to the right specialist.

Team-buildings and holidays

We embrace holidays and try to celebrate them gaily and creatively. As a rule, each office has their own traditions as for the form of celebration. We also try to arrange team building activities to cultivate the corporate spirit and have time for fun.

You can find remarkable moments here

Time flexibility

Svitla tries not to set strict timeframes for employees so that they could effectively manage their time for work, studying and communication with customers who due to the time zoning as a rule start working when the ordinary Ukrainian working day is over. Sometimes people prefer to work from home and we do not prevent them to do this if this does not adversely affect the project. We are very open-minded to remote work, self-discipline, and time flexibility as we understand that there is no right time and place for the brightest ideas – this cannot be hardcoded!

Our offices

We have beautiful offices in 6 cities of Ukraine where different teams work together. Our employees can come for a friendly visit to any office to share their experience. This is like a fresh breath of air for people. This also gives some people an opportunity to move to other cities where we have office without losing the work.

No red tape

Yes! We do not like to keep archives of paper. The relationships in our company are very straightforward and transparent. Being upfront and honest with our employees has allowed us to grow and experience extremely low attrition. No matter what level you are, everyone can address his or her question directly to the Head of the company if they feels it warrants this.

Recruitment process

Svitla has built a professional team of experienced recruiters who posses all the modern techniques of headhunting and seriously treat the process of selecting candidates. Our 8 internal recruiters are in constant movement searching for the best of the best candidates. Svitla has affiliated with the largest Ukrainian technical universities to draw on the local talents. As a rule we base our search on the vacancy requirements provided by the customer. All our candidates pass through a series of interviews and tests to prove their skills and professional attitude to the job. The customers can be fully or partially involved into the process of interviewing to make sure that the candidates completely fit to their projects. We put the quality of our services as our first priority and can be proud of the team that we have already managed to create.

by Svitla Team

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