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How Windows 8 is going to change everything


Microsoft is looking to change the user experience with its release of Windows 8, and early reactions to the consumer demo released last month have generated a lot of excitement. But with this dramatic shift in the Microsoft approach comes significant changes for software developers. Here are the three most significant changes to the Microsoft operating system:

1. Cloud Compatible

Windows 8 has been designed to work in conjunction with Cloudservices (Windows Azure). This achievement by Microsoft completely eliminates hardware from the equation. Any connection, anywhere, can put you in contact with your files. The integration of Microsoft Cloud allows software developers to connect to virtual servers worldwide and work on projects from any location with web access. Microsoft guarantees that your data won’t be lost and that you will always have access. Applications will vary, but this new Microsoft OS lays the groundwork to eliminate differences between the platforms and streamline connectivity and communications on projects from fixed locations to mobile locations.

2. Touch Screen and Video Control

Features that are unique to mobile devices will become part of the desktop experience with Windows 8. The Windows 8 operating system allows for programs with touch screen andvideo control capability, similar to the functions previously available only on tablet and smartphone interfaces. This mouse-free capability will be coupled with immersive and full-screen “Metro” graphics. This Windows 8 experience uses a new platform development based on HTML5 and JavaScript, which is what you will need to develop applications compatible for this new operating system.

3. Multiple Platforms

Windows 8 was developed for a mobile purpose and has functionality on any device or platform. This allows users to transition between multiple platforms (tablet, mobile phone, desktop) for easy file sharing. It also enables connectivity between devices, making all your devices act as one personal computer with access to your files, settings and applications. Because Microsoft 8 will work on multiple devices, graphics will have to be scalable to different screen sizes. This will require developers to create vector graphics that can scale from small mobile device screens to 55” television screens.

by Svitla Team

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