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IT Solutions


For Svitla Systems, IT Solutions are so much more than just a way of helping our clients get things done - we think of the term as representing a comprehensive solution suite. To us, IT Solutions mean cutting-edge technology and innovation that converge to allow us to provide best-in-class software services solutions and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

From Web and Mobile development to Big Data and the Internet of Things, Svitla Systems is a compelling service provider that advocates for IT Managed Services which deliver true value to the client’s operations. Far from being a buzzword to us, our comprehensive portfolio of IT Solutions are what makes us stand out as a recognized and trusted partner. The core of our business strategy is combining experience and innovation provide an exceptional client experience.

We build our expertise through strong and collaborative client relationships where our talented team of professionals, who range from the finest architects, developers, engineers, analysts, designers, and much more, dive deep into emerging technologies and industry trends.

These are the core areas of expertise in  our portfolio of IT Solutions: 

Cloud Solutions. The cloud offers many opportunities to approach IT infrastructure. With Svitla’s experience and expertise, we help our clients unlock the cloud’s potential through a comprehensive strategy around cloud services, AWS services, and multiple cloud providers. We focus on applying security best practices to data, automating client processes, and providing ongoing care through cloud-native concepts.

Machine Learning. With end-to-end solutions designed around Machine Learning, we help our clients implement algorithms, methods, frameworks, and other techniques to build recommendation systems, system health monitoring solutions, advanced media analysis, and processing outlets, and much more. In line with the client’s infrastructure, the Svitla Systems team of experts focus on solutions that are based on math and algorithms to deliver high-quality models of Machine Learning.

Internet of Things. With the Internet of Things connecting anything and everything, we leverage a comprehensive technology stack to help clients gain the most out of modern technologies that are geared to drive the vision of the Internet of Things. With Agile principles, our team of experts focuses on deploying solutions that collect, store, and exchange data seamlessly to reduce costs and help processes be more efficient.

Web Solutions. From an update to your existing website to the development of a full-fledged web app solution, Svitla Systems has everything you need to make your projects scalable and responsive. Our team of developers focuses on high-end technologies to accelerate and enhance the development process, with quality as their focal point.

Mobile Solutions. The world is mobile and there is no way around it - thus, it is only natural to tap into the stream of developing software centered around mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows. Svitla Systems helps clients unlock the potential of mobile apps to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to their mobile strategy.

E-commerce. Through customized back-end, visual design, marketplace architecture, and performance, we help our clients design the best approach to sustain and upgrade their e-commerce strategy.

Big Data. In a data-driven IT environment, Big Data came to stay and dominate. Embedded in business processes and analytical tools, Big Data offers countless opportunities to process and analyze massive amounts of data with accuracy and precision to yield improved decision-making and develop smarter insights.

DevOps Practices. If you exist in a fast-paced environment like IT typically is, DevOps can be your best friend. Through comprehensive DevOps practices, Svitla Systems focuses on accelerating development, decreasing complexity, and solving problems. We strive for reduced cycle times so projects get to the market faster and with expert quality.

Quality Assurance. Systems are only as good as the amount of testing you perform on them. Quality Assurance helps prevent immature software from being released into live environments where malfunctions and defects can result in negative user experiences. Through stringent and rigorous quality assurance testing and strategy development, we help assure the quality of your software products.

SEO. Website optimization is incredibly powerful in a world that demands more and more website traffic for your business. With a comprehensive SEO strategy and implementation, we help you analyze and create detailed action plans centered around SEO knowledge to track and nurture organic online traffic that will ultimately boost visibility and attract potential customers.

Website Development. From an update to your existing website to the development of a full-fledged website solution, we have experience on a wide range of specialized solutions - from business websites to e-commerce platforms. We cover the design and UX aspects of your website solution, along with complex web development needs and unique, custom websites that convey your business strategy and goals.

IT Solutions Company 

Since 2003, the birth year of the Svitla Systems vision and mission, up until the present day, our experience and strategy as an IT Solutions Company has been proven to lead the way for constant growth and outstanding client experiences.

Our IT Solutions bring an array of benefits that help discover and fix problems before they can negatively affect businesses. By keeping a well-maintained and properly serviced computer network, businesses thrive and reap the benefits of preventing pitfalls instead of figuring out what to do once they fall into them.

As an IT Solutions Company, Svitla Systems manages and assumes the responsibility of services rendered to clients proactively. IT infrastructures are complex to keep up and running at all times without hiccups, but partnering with an IT Solutions Company such as Svitla Systems takes the stress away from an otherwise challenging and tiresome task.  Your company can completely focus on strategic business activities and the growth of business operations.

Every client is unique and we pride ourselves on dedicated engagement models that are tailored for companies of all shapes and sizes, from startup companies to Fortune 500 companies - we’ve got you covered.

IT Managed Services 

Svitla Systems is a proven software development company and testing provider which delivers value through robust engagement models such as managed team extensions, build-to-order software applications and consulting services. As mentioned earlier, our engagement models are the cornerstone to the way we operate. 

Here are the key engagement models that are the pride and joy of our repertoire:

Managed Team Extension: This model focuses on having software developers become effective extensions of your team, regardless of location, for l the purpose of covering the entire software engineering process. Each member is carefully selected to meet and exceed the particular needs of your software project as well as your expectations.. This model is effective for scenarios where you are building new software modules or applications, long-term projects, or ongoing fixes and support.

Build-to-order software development: Unique projects require a unique approach - and that is what our clients get through the build-to-order software development engagement model. Here, our experts design and create a custom solution from the ground up to create a smart software development solution that not only meets but exceeds project requirements.

Software consulting: Consulting has grown to be a critical offering in the engagement model list as it covers technology services that require specialized expertise. With broad experience across a growing list of different business and technical areas, our software consultants are ready to identify your needs and objectives with you and then suggest, advise, and recommend the best possible solution for your software endeavors. Software consulting is especially helpful when clients seek an external, objective outlook on a situation.

Data Consultant

Our team of consultants is expert problem solvers who are capable of recognizing the specific and unique needs of a project to help businesses overcome existing issues and any that may arise.

Specifically, data consultants are particularly helpful for Big Data projects where the influx of data is significant. In such cases, the data consultant is in charge of advising clients about Big Data technologies and techniques that address the need to process large quantities of structured and unstructured data.

With a background in both business and technical capabilities, the data consultant focuses on delivering value and ensuring quality solutions that are in line with the client's end goals. From accurate analyses to smart algorithms, the data consultant covers the latest trends in the world of data.

Apply if you need consultancy services.

Best in class IT Solutions

Providing top-notch IT solutions to our many customers is our expertise. We have become a conduit to the cutting-edge technological innovations within emerging industries, from Web and Mobile to Big Data to the Internet of Things, for many companies in the U.S. and other countries. 

With custom services, best-in-class talents, and innovative technologies, Svitla Systems employs various modern methods and approaches to deal with all types of projects. In our more than 15 years of experience, we have encountered projects from multiple sources and with many different creative requirements, so we are keen and responsive to dynamic work environments that require a transformational attitude towards embracing moving targets and changing needs.

We love to create strong partnerships with our clients as we act as a conduit for technological advancement and innovation. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you transform your projects into successful solutions for your business strategy and goals. 

by Svitla Team

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