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Svitla Systems is a Golden Sponsor of JavaScript Frameworks Day!

by Svitla Team

March 22, 2016

On 17th of April 2016 we gather to hear hot topics from the best foreign and Ukrainian experts: Martin Naumann (Archilogic 3D, open source advocate), Michael North (CTO of Levanto Financial, former UI Architect at Yahoo), Sergey Bolshchikov (Developer Advocate at Wix), Andrey Listochkin, Julia Puchnina, Aleksey Shvayka, Eugene Obrezkov, Roman Iakobchuk, Aleksey Volkov, Mikhail Bodnarchuk and many others.

Great opportunity to hear about: ReactJS, Angular 1 and 2, NodeJS, Ember 2, ES6, CodeceptJS, Web rendering performance, Minecraft on JS and more.  

Talks will proceed in 3 tracks.

A promo code for 15% discount: 590AAF6AB5

Registration is open: 


Join in!

by Svitla Team
March 22, 2016

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