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Main tips of human factor in project management

by Svitla Team

February 01, 2012

The post is inspired by webinar of Kevin Ciccotti. Here you will find the main tips and compare to your experience.

All Project Managers have 3 biggest common mistakes:

  1. The Project is more valuable than people.

  2. Ignoring  ”people problems” hoping that they’ll go away.

  3. Feeling you have to “know everything” and not asking for help.

Please make a pause after each statement and think if it’s about you.

What are the reasons of these mistakes?

All of us have our own patterns at every level of human development and sometimes we need to turn to psychology to be able to understand our needs.

Look at 6 main human needs:

Survival needs

  • Certainty (comfort, security, predictability). Are you control freak? Fear is the base of certainty.

  • Uncertainty or Variety (change, surprise). Your level of happiness is connected to level of your uncertainty. We like surprises that we want to happen.

  • Significance. We want to feel wanted. One of the biggest contributor in your teams.

  • Love or connection. If you are not in connection with your team members – you are in mistake. Help people to understand each other better.

Driving needs

  • Growth. People happy when they’re making the progress. Only life long learners people could be successful.

  • Contribution. To make contribution to others

For every person there are top 2 needs. Their understanding really helps a lot.

To find out these needs we should build a trust. For creating trust there are 5 words that help:

How can I help you?

For motivation you team.
Give your team autonomy. Never micromanage it.
Treat them as significant. Right word in right time could change people’s life.

These short tips really worth of thinking and analyzing.

Svitla Systems has a strong project management services that make our software outsourcing services more efficient for you.

by Svitla Team
February 01, 2012

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