Nataliya Anon, Svitla Systems’ CEO and Founder, is shortlisted for the Transformation Leader of the Year in Women in IT Awards


Nataliya Anon, CEO and Founder at Svitla Systems, has been shortlisted to contend for the top honor in the Transformation Leader of the Year category of this year’s Women in IT awards - an initiative that serves the purpose of shedding light on the major role that females play in the world of tech.

Today, at a time when diversity and gender equality have proven time and again to be monumental to the success of any enterprise, being shortlisted for the Transformation Leader of the Year award is a valuable acknowledgment for Nataliya. Her bright, driven, and innovative leadership has continuously shown her passion for delivering Svitla’s vision to the world: high-quality, on-time, and on-budget software development services for companies worldwide.

Since launching in 2015, the Women in IT awards have become a valuable platform to showcase females at all executive levels and their instrumental achievements in the tech environment which, to this day, remains dominated by male executives. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Nataliya has her sight set on the latest and greatest new methods and technologies in IT, always looking for the best ways to innovate, develop and implement. She leads with transformation in mind and has reshaped key areas within Svitla, resulting in positive outcomes in terms of efficiency and overall performance. 

“I am truly honored to be shortlisted for the Transformation Leader of the Year category of the Women in IT awards - it solidifies my commitment to challenge the stereotype of a male-driven IT industry. While there are still barriers to bring down, I believe this is a fantastic time to be a woman in IT” said Nataliya. “In this category, I am joined by an elite and esteemed group of female executives who give me more than enough proof of the positive impact all women collectively are achieving. For my part, I am devoted to Svitla’s role in the industry to further expand the influence and value women embody in tech, and overall, across all industries.”

Nataliya’s nomination in the Transformation Leader of the Year category further fuels Svitla’s commitment to the advancement of women in high-tech. It also serves as a spark for Nataliya to set alight Svitla’s role as a touchstone for positive transformation.


About Nataliya and Svitla Systems
Nataliya Anon is an entrepreneur who founded Svitla Systems 16 years ago and, to this day, she oversees all operational aspects of the company as its CEO. At the helm of Svitla, she continuously works towards transformation, along with developing fresh and compelling ways to deliver the best results. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Stanford University. 

Established in 2003 and with its main office in Corte Madera, California, Svitla Systems is a proven custom software development and testing provider. Svitla's global operations are built on lasting relationships with some of the world's most prestigious companies. Svitla's wide range of services includes web and mobile development, design, system support, and testing, Big Data architecture design, Internet of Things product deployment, consulting, and much more.

About Women in IT Awards
The Women in IT Awards have showcased women in technology in London, New York, Singapore, and Dublin.  Organized by business-technology site Information Age, the Women in IT Awards Silicon Valley acts as a flagship and high-profile platform to support the industry in its mission to move the dial on gender. Offering a series of awards, ranging from CIO of the year through to Rising Star, the program provides a platform to identify females at all levels achieving great things in Silicon Valley.

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