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New Trend in Instant Messaging: Enlighters


If your think that instant messaging stopped its evolution after the invention of Skype and Viber, then you may be surprised to hear that the newest trend is upcoming. What is faster than typing? You say: “Calling”. What is faster than instant text messaging? We say: “Video messaging!”

The fastest way to express your feelings and thoughts is video. Enlighters is a new product of instant messaging industry that gives you an opportunity of sending video messages to everyone you want. Make video of your family smiling faces to send to your parents abroad, send a video question about goods and services to their provider, have fun creating a greeting video for a friend, give a cheer-up to anybody, send a cute message to a girlfriend, or just film your cat pranks to share with some cat-lovers.

The most prominent features are:

  • 100% FREE;
  • Allows to record live-video;
  • Uses Wifi, 3G, EDGE connections;
  • Allows to send and receive as many video messages as you want;
  • Immediate email notifications are coming on receiving a video message;
  • Video messages are private;
  • You can share videos in socials and other apps;
  • You can replay, reply and forward video messages whenever you want.

Enlighters can be found and installed from Google Play. The application supports Google+ authorization once you launch it. This approach allows having access to your Contacts book to easily send messages selecting from the list of emails. Simply shoot the video, select a contact and click Send. Your message will be delivered quickly and absolutely privately. The application providers guarantee the security of your personal information and contacts emails from the 3rd parties access.

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The fact that the app works through Gmail and Google+ does not mean that you are limited to send the message to other emails than Also you can enter any email manually to send a message to the person who is not in your list of contacts.

One of the conveniences of Enlighters is that it stores all received and sent videos so that you could rewatch them or forward to someone else in future. Your can also share them via other apps and social networks.

With Enlighters, everyone can share their videos with friends and contacts worldwide over Wifi or 3G – for free. Enlighter works even on condition of low Internet connection delivering messages without any losses. This is so easy and fun that even a non-savvy users will appreciate its simplicity.

As you can see, Enlighters is the fastest and easiest way to deliver your message to a person without necessity to type and correct grammar. Shooting video is funny and creative, rendering all your intonations and emotions brighter than words. It is the most social and up-to-date method of chatting. Just try to make sure!

by Svitla Team

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