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Perfect software development outsourcing example

by Svitla Team

December 07, 2011

Our software development team from Ukraine has just started to work with Airborne Music on their revolutionary web application. Airborne Music is a company from Cape Town, South Africa that is going to give musicians the possibility to publish and sell their music directly to their fans online. Their Vision, presentation and much more cool stuff can be found at their website.

We think that it’s a perfect example of software development outsourcing. While Ukraine and South Africa are separated by thousands of miles they which is more important  are in the same time zone. This makes Svitla Systems a perfect choice for companies from Western Europe, Middle East and Africa as it gives both customer and developers almost a complete work day overlap.

We will do our best to help Airborne Music in moving the connection of artists with their fans to the next level. By the way it is coming in December 2011.

by Svitla Team
December 07, 2011

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