PSD to HTML conversion with Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver

PSD to HTML conversion with Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver Banner

Nothing compares to Adobe Photoshop in the realm of photo editing. Most of the modern photo editing applications’ tools are limited to red eye removal and contrasts.

Those interested in web development should pay attention to the PSD to html conversion tool. It converts Photoshop’s PSD files into an HTML code. With its help one can easily convert pictures to fully functional websites.

More advanced users can check Adobe Dreamweaver. This application is designed to create fully functional websites. It can connect to a server and it allows P2P interface. With the use of Dreamweaver, designers can instantly send their ready websites to the main server page. In case there are any other changes with the pictures, Dreamweaver is integrated with Photoshop. This means that users can simply export their designs, edit it through Photoshop and then export it again to Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver already has the PSD to html conversion which can be used to convert the Photoshop’s PSD format files into HTML files.

Of course, there are also other programs which can do the conversion yet they are not integrated with Adobe. In order to use such programs, users will only need to save the PSD files into one folder and then opening such files using the conversion program. Once the conversion starts, all templates and all the layers will be flattened and the final output will be the layered HTML file. The HTML file can then be re-edited in order to become a fully functional website.

There are also companies that provide PSD to HTML conversion services such as HTMLME  and others.

November 26, 2012