Ruby on Rails "Must" reading list

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This week Svitla Systems welcomed some friends from San Francisco!

One of them, Markus Geyer is an excellent RoR programmer with a huge experience in Ruby and Rails. Naturally we couldn’t miss our chance to ask him a few questions about what he reads and whom he follows.

So, here goes: “I think some of my favorite pieces of tech literature come from Michael Hartl. Whether it’s his Rails Guide or his Learn Enough series. The Ruby on Rails guide is a must read for anyone working in Rails. The Learn Enough series is useful for building out some core competencies, or even as a refresher.
Another book that I found really helped me develop as a programmer is Robert C. Martin’s Clean Coder Collection. It will teach you just about everything you need to know about writing better and cleaner code.
For those looking for continuous inspiration I’d take a look at the Ruby Weekly mailing list. It’s a great way to learn about new gems or even just keep up with trends in the ruby community.
For those who really want to branch out more into the academic realm there’s always edX. Some classes can even be taken for free!”
Are all those books and websites familiar to you? Care to add some more? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know!


April 22, 2016