RubyC-2016 invites Rubyists to Kyiv!


RubyC is the major Ukrainian conference devoted to Ruby, Ruby on Rails and related technologies. Organized by Svitla Systems Inc., RubyC annually gathers over 250 Ruby enthusiasts from Ukraine and other countries. This year RubyC takes place for the fourth time, on a first summer weekend, 4-5th June, in a Congress Hall of hotel “Rus”.

The main difference of RubyC-2016 is that it becomes a totally English-speaking conference, unlike previous years, when Ukrainian speakers could choose native language for their presentations, this time we kindly request everyone switch to English.

Traditionally, RubyC welcomes 14 speakers from Ukraine and abroad, and the first 7 stars are announced. Among familiar faces are Ben Lovell and Bozhidar Batsov, who return for the third and second time accordingly. For those who visited RubyC last year it is needles to describe the brilliance of those wonderful experts, for the rest we suggest to see videos from 2015 archive.

As for newcomers, we invited Andy Pike, a UK developer with a very impressive background in Ruby, and Robert Pankowecki, an active community contributor from Poland. Ukrainian speakers, at the moment, are represented by Mikhail Bortnyk, Alexander Simonov and Dmitriy Zimin. All of them are great Ruby experts, and it is a privilege to have them this year. For more information about RubyC-2016 speakers and their Topic (though some speakers are still thinking on most juicy themes) please visit

Furthermore RubyC-2016 offers everyone, who is willing to become a speaker, to register their ideas through form on our website. The final speakers list will follow in the end of March.

And last, but not least, RubyC-2016 expresses a sheer gratitude to 2016 Ruby Sponsors: DataArt and Global Logic, who have stayed with us for the third year in a row, and without whom nothing would have happened.

And also we thank all our Media Partners, who help us grow and evolve: Ruby No Name, Ruby Garage, Lohika, Daxx, Ukrainian IT association, Innocode, Ruby Flow and Ruby Jobs, IT Education Academy and Belarus Ruby User Group. And special thanks to our Host: Premier Hotel “Rus”.

As RubyC continues managing organization matters, Early Birds tickets fly away at a lowest price!

Join us this year to find out everything that’s going on in Ruby world!

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