RubyC 2019

RubyC-2019, closing word


The 7th annual RubyC conference, organized by Svitla Systems, has beaten many records this year, starting with the biggest crowd of over 400 participants up to the highest number of foreign speakers and preceding number of CFP applications! All this shows the strong spirit of the Ruby community in Ukraine and neighboring countries and growing interest in our nifty event. And gives us hope that Ruby might know... survive for another couple of years.

This year we had 3 Women Speakers, which is more than we had ever had, but still not enough (not even close!). So once again we send a welcoming word/dove/owl/letter to all girls who want to rock our stage! CFP for RubyC 2020 awaits your bright minds and ideas!

We will never get tired of thanking our wonderful speakers who generously skipped work/families/rest to visit us and present this year. We are happy to share all the talks, though many interesting discussions stay behind the videos. Small talks this year were around many themes; the shortlist could look something like this:

  • Ruby evolution and last changes in Ruby
  • Alternative Ruby virtual machines (TruffelVM/JRuby, Artichoke, MRuby...)
  • Plans for future Ruby conferences
  • Refactoring as a part of the project development lifecycle
  • Non-Rails ways in application development (Hanami, dry-rb, etc)
  • Distributed systems development and communication

We thank all our participants, especially those who crossed borders, ordered Ukrainian visas, invitations, stayed one more day to visit various Ukrainian tourist spots, and/or simply came to say hello/eat a morning croissant/drink coffee/have a chat/have a beer/nap with us this year! The spirit of the Ruby community is absolutely one of a kind.

One good conference is always the result of the labor of the many. Therefore our love and gratitude go to Sponsors MLSDev, Railsware, ThredUP, Cookpad and Human Agency and Media Partners for constant help, support and their decision to spend one awesome Ruby weekend with us!

As a P.S. we invite you to register for a webinar we want to organize in partnership with Simply Business, named “Influence your company beyond code" devoted to questions like how to lead groups of technical excellence as a senior engineer and help increase your influence beyond writing code. Interested? Apply through this form. The set day and time will be sent separately.

Meanwhile, the Organizers Team takes a short break to ready itself for RubyC 2020! See you all there!


 Dávid Halász: "How to hijack, proxy and smuggle sockets with Rack/Ruby"

Katrina Owen: "One Small Step"

Emily Stolfo: "Beauty and the Beast: Applications and Distributed Systems"

Mugurel Chirica: "Taming your Rails monolith"

Alexey Vasiliev: "Application Security for Rails Engineers

Dan DeMeyere: "Misadventures in Continuous Delivery"

Aaron Cruz: "Steal This Talk"

Walerian Sobczak: "Distributed stream processing in Ruby"

Benoit Daloze: "Parallel and Thread-Safe Ruby at High-Speed with TruffleRuby"

Yulia Oletskaya: "RPC frameworks overview"

Yevhen Kuzminov: "A year with Hanami in production: the Good, the Bad and some Recipes"

Ivan Shamatov: "It's all about money, money, money"

Aleksander Dąbrowski: "10 performance sins of Rails applications"


Day 1 and  Day 2 💥

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