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RubyC-2016 Agenda

by Svitla Team

April 22, 2016

Svitla Ruby Conference (aka RubyC) — is the biggest Ukrainian conference devoted to Ruby, Ruby on Rails and related technologies. This year organizer Svitla Systems invites Ruby-developers in Kyiv on the first summer weekend, 4-5 June, to spend two wonderful days in a company of the most experienced Ruby-experts!

For more information about RubyC-2016 agenda please visit www.rubyc.eu.

This year RubyC welcomes 13 speakers from Ukraine and abroad, and unlike previous years, all talks will be presented in English. Moreover, in the beginning of the second day, an Open Talk will be held, so that everyone has a chance to ask questions and have a discussion about latest news in Ruby world.

Welcome RubyC-2016 Speakers!

Aaron Cruz (Austria) — “Ruby Alternatives”
Adam Niedzielski (Poland) — “Responsible gem collector”
Bozhidar Batsov (Bolgaria) — “The Master Rubyist”
Yorick Peterse (Netherlands) — “Making GitLab Faster”
Robert Pankowezki (Poland) — “The Saga Pattern”
Andy Pike (Great Britain) — “Building maintainable Rails apps for the long term”
Ben Lovell (Great Britain) — “FOSS like a BOSS!”
Andrey Savchenko (Ukraine) — “KISS me gently”
Michael Serdyuk (Ukraine) — “For whom is the code written or why every programmer has to be a designer”
Elena Morgun (Ukraine) — “Service oriented vs Microservice architecture”
Мichael Bortnik (Ukraine) — “Ruby in unusual environments”
Alex Simonov (Ukraine) — “Technology mess”
Dmitriy Zimin (Ukraine) — “How I build stand-alone Cucumber Rocket for testing none Rails application”

Traditionally all participants will be served with tasty coffee-breaks from “Rus” Hotel, receive presents from RubyC sponsors DataArt, Global Logic and N-iX, and drink lots of tasty beer on a Party in the end of the first day!

Organizers kindly remind that tickets can be bought only from official website, and their number is limited.

Follow the news on Twitter or Facebook.

Join RubyC-2016!


by Svitla Team
April 22, 2016

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