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Svitla is a company of many cultures. Our story began with a small Kyiv office opened in 2003, but since then Svitla has grown to 500+ people and opened many divisions in Ukraine, Poland, and Mexico. In this material, we want to tell you more about the last one.

Svitla in Mexico celebrated its 3rd birthday as a much-grown company of over 50 employees. A great success taking into account the short time and a very competitive market, as Guadalajara is an extremely popular spot among the IT community. Such big corporations as Toshiba, IBM, HP, Oracle, Cisco, and Intel rub shoulders with our lovely office in the city center.

Svitla MX suite has been recently renovated and combines several working spaces and a game zone equipped with homey dining. The Mexico team boasts a true team spirit, due to Jorge Valadez, Exec. VP Sales and Operations, who is responsible for the daily working routine as well as all corporate activities. His efforts have been repeatedly recognized by BestPlaceToCode award, given to the best local companies. Needless to say, we are very excited and hope to see continuous growth!

Being an active participant in local development communities, Svitla MX often supports various events and meetups. Not so long ago they sponsored the Java4Guanatos Meetup (Guanatos is a nickname for Guadalajara), a great opportunity to share their experience with a younger generation of developers.

Svitla Mexico team is open to various local social pursuits. “Niños en Victoria" is a refuge for orphaned children with few resources and those with limited access to education. Svitla Team visited the children to bring some tasty gifts and spend playful time, tell kids about our industry and our work, and inspire them to actively get interested in science. 

Svitla employees and their families gladly joined "UNITED A.C.", a running race that encourages people with and without physical disabilities to participate in sports. All raised funds were donated to social integration activities.

Our Mexico team has a real talent for corporate celebrations and spending quality time together. This Christmas was particularly special due to Natalia Anon, our CEO and Founder, coming to visit. The festive celebration took place in a cozy patio, followed by carol singing, playing piñata, and taking memorable pics.

Be it a cooking masterclass from professional chefs to teach the mastery of truly delicious hamburgers, or Halloween and St. Valentine's Day joint office celebrations, the sincere joy, and love of this team can be felt from anywhere!

But maybe the best feature of our Mexico team is their open heart and friendly attitude to others. Any Svitla employee, if willing to visit, is always welcome. Some have already experienced their hospitality. Thus Ihor Breza has spent several months working and traveling in Mexico, learning more about local customs, traditions and what it’s like to be a part of the glocal Svitla family.

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