Svitla Smart Talk: Best AI Tools for Your Work Environment


We are excited to extend a warm invitation to you for our upcoming Svitla Smart Talk: Best AI Tools for Your Work Environment. The event promises to be an insightful exploration of the transformative power of artificial intelligence in optimizing workplace productivity and decision-making.

Our Speaker, Nadiia Chumak, will share her expertise and hands-on experiences, providing you with a deeper understanding of how AI can reshape your work environment. You will explore a diverse range of AI applications that can streamline operations, drive efficiency, and foster innovation within your project.


Nadiia Chumak - Senior Go Developer at Svitla Systems. She is a skilled backend developer with expertise in Go and Ruby on Rails, allowing her to build robust and efficient server-side applications. Additionally, she possesses strong cloud computing knowledge, specifically with AWS and GCP, enabling her to deploy and manage applications in the cloud effectively. She has diverse hobbies, including high heels dance, yoga, and a passion for travel, having explored over 15 countries and embracing a well-rounded and adventurous lifestyle.


by Svitla Team
August 15, 2023

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