Svitla Smart Talk: Laws that govern the world of databases

Layers of frameworks, abstractions, and powder. They allow us to deliver complex solutions in a finite time. Our grandparents might envy us for the ease with which we manage to build complex systems.

However, we must often remember how much we owe to ancient engineers. Let's try to learn their secrets, recorded in manuscripts.

Databases are the heart of our systems because data is the lifeblood of our organizations.

We will take you on a wonderful and nostalgic journey through the world of database architecture. We will break down the databases into individual components to fully appreciate the beauty of these engineering wonders.

  • We will start with a quick course in modern history, i.e. why and when databases appeared.
  • Then we will move on to the techniques of organizing data on disk.
  • You will learn the secrets of memory management and techniques for ensuring write isolation, i.e. locking protocols.
  • And also how databases ensure data consistency and durability using "transaction logs" and "write-ahead logs".
  • We will discuss indexes (including B+tree), query execution, and optimization of query plans.

This presentation will give you a better understanding of how to build applications and optimize system performance thanks to understanding what laws govern the world of databases. There will also be time for philosophical reflections on the meaning of existence and the answer to where we are heading.


Jarosław Pałka - Senior Staff Software Engineer, Team lead, Benchmarking infrastructure in Neo4j.

He is a performance engineer/team lead with more than 20 years in the IT industry as a database administrator, programmer, architect, manager, and onsite disaster engineer. Jaroslaw authors a blog in, and is one of the founders of the SegFault conference brand.

Event details:

Date - 23 July
Time - Ukraine - 7:00 PM, Poland - 6:00 PM, Mexico - 10:00 AM, Costa Rica - 10:00 AM, Argentina - 1 PM.
Duration - 1.5 hours (60 min. speech + 30 min. Q&A)
Language - English

All other details will be sent after registration.
Registration is free and mandatory, click on the link.

by Svitla Team
July 09, 2024

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