Svitla Smart Talk: Modern Performance Testing on Java Script


No user wants to wait around for a web page to load. No web or app developer wants them to fail either. 

As such, it's important to focus on making code-free pages that load quickly. The majority of dynamic, real-time apps are built with JavaScript making it possible for apps to change their content on the fly with little delay. It’s no wonder performance testing for JavaScript is a top priority for those who want to ensure the end user has a good time and that the site works well.

In our upcoming Svitla Smart Talk, Savva Henchevskyi walks us through:

  • The fundamentals of performance testing on JavaScript
  • The most prominent tools to get the job done
  • A short demo 
  • The pros and cons of both K6 & Artillery 
  • Instances where Artillery outperforms K6 
  • Best practices

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Savva Henchevskyi: Highly proficient in Performance Testing and Test Automation with 6+ years in Test Automation and 4+ years in Performance Testing. Loves traveling, sports, and dancing. Senior Performance Engineer at Svitla Systems.


by Svitla Team
November 10, 2022

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