Svitla Smart Talk. Playwright Test: what you need to try in 2022


Playwright Test is a new testing framework from Microsoft that is packed with plenty of opportunities to organize tests and work within the browser. In this installment of our Svitla Smart Talks, Oleksandr Khotemskyi will share his experience and insights as he walks us through the main features of Playwright, go over examples, and compare against other offerings.

1. What is Playwright and Playwright Test? And, why do you need it?
- History
- Team
- Status
2. Playwright
- Browser, Browser Context, Page
- Search for items
- Work with elements
- Other possibilities
3. Playwright Test
- Configuration
- Test context
- Fixtures
- Traces
- Reports
4. More
- Debugging
- Inspector
- Docker
- CI / CD
- Infrastructure
5. Compare Analogues
6. Perspectives

Oleksandr Khotemskyi - JavaScript/TypeScript software developer engineer with more than 10 years of experience in QA automation. He’s a speaker, teacher of UI, APIs, test infrastructure, and winner and judge of the Ukrainian Dev Challenge (QA), as well as an Open Source contributor and "javascript testing" community developer.


by Svitla Team
February 08, 2022