Svitla Smart Talk. Vulnerabilities in web projects: XSS


XSS is one of the most common cybersecurity threats, attacking nearly 90% of large companies. Moreover, almost 50% of all cyberattacks targeted XSS vulnerabilities. 

Cross-site scripting has affected websites run by web giants like eBay, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. But cross-site scripting is not a new cyber threat. In fact, XSS attacks have been around almost since the dawn of the web itself. In OWASP nominations, XSS is number three of the top ten, and is labeled as Injection.

In our next Svitla Smart Talk, together with Sviat Login, we will talk about how to protect your project against XSS attacks. Sviat will also show a demo and offer practical advice for: beEF and OWASP ZAP.


Sviat Login is the head of QA at EVO with more than 9 years in overall testing experience and over 5 years in testing for web vulnerabilities. Speaker. 


by Svitla Team
November 17, 2022