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The top soft skills for software developers


Programming is a job requiring a long professional skills list. The soft skills increase or diminish the value of technical expertise that a developer brings to the table. We at Svitla give prominence to choosing the team members not only for the current vocational abilities but their full potential.

What skills does a software developer need: hard skills vs soft skills

A developer may seem to be great from a technical standpoint, but there is still a fair chance one is a poor professional. How can it happen? It is enough to lack some capabilities such as to communicate smoothly, adapt, or show empathy. Considering hard skills for a resume is fundamental, but checking soft skills is next equally important step.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills consist of personal attributes, emotional and social intelligence, and all the character features that one uses to complete the task and bring value to the job. At Svitla, we have compiled the soft skills list containing key features. These are the skills to add to resume if one wants to become a part of our development team. 

Effective communication


Programming is not just about writing code. A skillful developer finds it easy to put their thoughts into words. They express themselves with clarity, precision, and conciseness. Being on the same page is powerful. A good developer achieves this by asking wisely and listening attentively. A person needs to be curious, engaged and proactive to be good at communication. 

Having an eye for detail makes a developer an asset to a team. It is crucial to delivering a complete report both during the meetings and in a project management system. Meticulousness is important not only in code. It also influences the pace a given project moves forward.  Our programmers should be able to provide constructive feedback. Relevant facts based on extensive research, this is what matters in a discourse. They also need to approach others’ suggestions with an open mind.

To prevent costly mistakes and team conflicts software engineers have to react quickly, be proactive and willing to look for solutions. They have to be the team players who speak up all the needs, doubts, and possible dangers to a project. Software developers should be able to explain tech issues in everyday language. This way they demonstrate not only empathy but also a full comprehension of a topic. It is a sign of emotional intelligence software developer needs to have. 

Being willing to communicate with other specialists online and at industry meetings is a huge plus for each developer. Sharing the knowledge and not being afraid of taking the microphone on public speaking are desired traits. Communicative programmers can teach others good practices both inside and outside their team.

Business attitude

big ideaSoftware development teams need members who can keep the big picture in mind. It is not only among the soft skills for team leaders. Developers need to go above the code in such activities like planning software architecture, working on UX, or such down-to-earth work as prioritizing tasks. 

Without proper planning, the smallest project may become a hard-to-maintain monster. Being an effective strategist is without a doubt among software developers' skills needed. Engineers use this skill working on bug fixes, writing automated tests, or creating roadmaps for other team members.

Great developers are eager to go out of their comfort zone. They show a high tolerance for uncertainty and are willing to accept new challenges. Our Svitla Team looks for people who are able to create value. For programmers who devote much effort to their professional development. For engineers who treat their career like a business and invest not only their time but also all their talents to a project.

Lifelong learning


IT is the industry where new frameworks, trends, and methodologies spring up like mushrooms. Software engineers have to follow trends to suggest the most effective solution. They should be eager to master new skills, learn fast and be willing to apply new abilities in practice. 

Thriving projects need choosing the best possible solutions and teams ready to learn. Open-mindedness and adaptability belong to web developer essential skills. A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will. The best way to reestablish some new knowledge is to share it with other people. Good engineers give speeches during tech conferences. They take part in internal training and are active on local tech meetup stage. 

There are the engineers who while coming alongside a struggling colleague can help them. Great software developers are teachable and seek out advice from their peers. They are open to guidance, criticism, pair programming, and taking up new responsibilities.



Clients search for productive programmers who deliver clean code on time. Productive developers can provide binding time estimations because they are self-aware and take into consideration personal and team's experience. They also carry out extensive research that helps to estimate. Efficient programmers possess the skill of critical thinking. They carefully assess facts before reaching the solution and implementing it. They are good at setting up priorities in their code, project, and team. They take care of having a bigger plan. They systematically track their work progress. 

To be productive programmers should give full attention to what they do. Sometimes, it is vital to get rid of time wasters and be assertive. Especially if they work in a big team with a lot of distractors around. A self-disciplined developer who knows how to control their daily progress delivers the work their clients expect. 

Programmers who push things forward quickly are those who are not afraid to ask for advice. They look for missing information and consult an issue with the person who knows more on the subject. These are the people who have the guts to delegate the task if needed. Displaying adequate vocational skills is not enough for a programmer. Choosing the developers who show the soft skills mentioned is crucial to form strong teams from the first days.

Nobody is perfect. At Svitla, by internal training, we provide optimum conditions to master these essential soft skills for IT professionals. Working with the right people who continuously develop both soft and hard skills makes the difference.

by Svitla Team

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