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Svitla Systems supported a student project of the Ukrainian Catholic University "Theater to the East."

On October 18-25, 19 students visited the ATO zone (Luhansk and Donetsk regions). During the trip, they staged 21 performances for military people, civilian population, and children in boarding schools. 

A drama called "Chapiteau in Ukraine-2" described the political situation in Ukraine through the prism of the fiction saga "Star Wars" - with humor and truth about the present. In the context of the theme, Ukrainian patriotic songs were played. The crowd, from the youngest to the oldest, enjoyed the humor. Together with the characters,  the audience was saddened by the hard situation the country is facing, but at the same time, they became filled with  hope and determination to change the situation for the better by listening to the songs and remembering the unbreakable will of the Ukrainian people. 

During the trip, the students also brought much-needed humanitarian assistance (toiletries, food, clothing) to military units that are rarely visited by volunteers.

Moral support of the military, logistical support of the youth, and instilling in youth the love for their country – these were the main goals that the students wanted to achieve during the trip. 

Svitla Systems is grateful for the opportunity to join such initiative and gladly supports the volunteers. It is only through the efforts of each individual, though not large on the overall scale, that it is possible to build a strong and independent state.

by Svitla Team
December 02, 2016

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