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Tricky questions from new clients


Svitla has met some new clients recently. They came to Svitla’s office in Kyiv to communicate their future with Svitla’s partners directly. They’ve raised some tricky questions by answering on which, we suppose to get more attention from customer party.

How do you decide, will the project fixed price or time&material?

It depends on technical requirements that customer provides to our Company. If Customer has detailed written specification which seems reasonable to our technical specialists, Svitla may propose fixed based contract. If, for some reason, Customer has only vision, some wireframes or mockups, then Svitla Systems propose either to write technical requirements specs prior to start development process or suggest to take an appoach by using Agile methodology with dedicated team.

What amount of developers is here in Ukraine?

According to Report there are more than 25000 software development specialists in Ukraine.

What do you think about the quality of newbie developers?

It is not sufficient in regards of practical skills and graduates usually should be tought additionally. For this purpose Svitla Systems support Ruby community with Rubyshift, RubyGirls, RubyGarage and organised RubyC.

Why do you think developers don’t like to study new programming languages?

It is quite controversial statement if we talk about developers only. However, on the other hand, it’s part of a human nature to resist changes to be able to stay in comfort zone. Only a few procents are excited about changes. As an example, Svitla has such developer.

Where are your customers from?

Up to 90% of Svitla customers are from USA and Sillicon Valley, we also provide service to some customers from Canada, South Africa and Japan.

If we sign a contract with you, we should pay extra VAT?

You, as a Svitla customer, will be signing a contract with Svitla Systems Inc. that is headquatered in the US, state of California. Hence, all taxes will be paid under country based jurisdiction.

Do you hire people on project based approach?

As a rule, Svitla Systems hire employee on the full time basis and pay them salary when they are off the project.

by Svitla Team

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