Ultimate Ukrainian vacation guide


The time has come to talk about our summer pleasantries. Since 2O2O offers a better chance to explore our own homelands rather than foreign highlights, we wanted to share a few beautiful spots, across Svitla Systems' global locations.

Ukraine is unbelievably rich for scenic beauty, be it the Carpathian Mountains, forest lakes, riverbanks, or the Black Sea shores, one can always find a place to enjoy natural beauty and rest. Hopefully, our list will inspire you to new adventures and discoveries!


Stanislavsky Cliffs reveal a unique sight, where the salt waters of the Black Sea connect with deltas of the Southern Bug and the Dnipro, forming the picturesque estuary, surrounded by forty-meter rocks rising on its shores. Going further south, visit Kinburn Spit, another unique natural retreat away from the noise and buzz of the city. Calm and beautiful. However, not so easy to get to. Also, stopover at a large national Nature Park, Tuzlovski Estuaries, where you can see over 300 species of birds and animals.

What to do: hiking, rafting, fishing, camping, boating, exploring, swimming.

Where to stay:Nikolayiv, Kherson, Oleksandrivka or Stanislav villages, or camping at Skelka. For the spit: Pokrovs'ke and Pokrovka, or Authentic Camp.


These are the most attractive and charming lakes in western Ukraine.

Synevyr is the largest and deepest mountain lake in Ukraine, rightly considered the most valuable natural treasure of the National Nature Park of the same name and one of the hallmarks of Carpathians.

Bakota is a flooded village near Kamyanets-Podilsky. Tourists are attracted by the fantastic scenery, several beaches, and the remains of a rock monastery, where monks’ caves and niches are still preserved.

What to do: hiking, camping, walking, meditating, resting, sightseeing.

Where to stay: Painter house near Synevyr, hotel Teremky closest to Bakota.


Ukrainian mountains are full of sacred places. Here are several spots well known among experienced hikers, yet sealed from popular tourism. Bourboon Waterfall, Optimistic Cave, Observatory, Dzhurinsky waterfall, Pysanyi Stone, Pip Ivan, mount Petros, Protyati Stones, Snidavka, Bubnyshche, Dovbush, and Borzhava hills, to name a few. But more are sure to come up on the way.

What to do: hiking, climbing, rafting.

Where to stay: camp White Bison, tents or local villages.


A retreat place, undoubtedly, is quite a private matter, and often a subject of most heated discussions. Therefore, very solemnly did we take the liberty to suggest a few options to consider. They can become a lovely spot for a weekend rest from hard work. Even if you don’t choose any of them, you might consider the idea in general.

Kozychky, a guest house located in the picturesque village of Tatariv. It features a garden, free Wi-Fi, and free on-site parking.

Girska Rika, located in Korchin on the Stryi River, 11 km from Kamyanka Waterfall, 4 km from Gurkalo Waterfall, and 11 km from Dovbush Rocks.

Jazz Xata, located high in the mountains, in Yablunytsya village, close to popular ski resorts Bukovel and Dragobrat.
Holiday Cottage Sofi was saved from destruction, carefully moved and restored with the addition of modern comfort and preservation of antiquity.

Fairy House, an eco-house made of clay, with no sharp corners, huge attic, real stove, comfortable and spacious, well suited for kids.

LakeHouse, a fisherman's house has several large balconies overlooking the river and the large inner courtyard with a garden.


Well, here you go. Hope we have inspired you to, if not choose one of the suggested options, continue your own search for a perfect spot in Ukraine to spend your weekend or vacation.

Good luck with any adventure of yours!

by Svitla Team

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