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Why Ruby on Rails Development Outsourcing Is Worth It


Ruby on Rails development outsourcing can be tricky. However, this concept is very simple. It is all about hiring a company to create certain parts of an application coded in Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails development outsourcing can offer many things to a company. Those things include the experienced development personnel who will handle the codes, specialized quality assurance team to ensure that only the best gets through and an ideal work environment for everyone. To elaborate further on what a company gets from outsourcing Ruby on Rails developers, here are some details.

If a company outsources their Ruby on Rails developers from an offshore software development company, the company can rest assured that the these people would get the job done efficiently. However, most companies assume that Ruby on Rails development outsourcing is not worth it because of the possibility that they’ll get low quality work. That is not true. Those offshore companies make sure that they can match up or be better than local firms. Many Java engineers in those companies are very skilled, many of which they obtained through work experience. Besides skilled and professional engineers that can provide quality work, outsourced companies also have specialized teams that focus on quality assurance. They also have QA labs where they can do test runs on different OS platforms, runtime environments, and browser applications for the project.

Ruby on Rails development outsourcing is worth it because most outsourcing companies have experienced development teams. In addition, they recognize the importance of integrating software methodologies into a project and the proper systematic process that goes with it. Another advantage working with these experienced offshore teams is that they can adapt to any methodology or process a client wants. Moreover, they do follow up trainings with their personnel.

Attrition is a huge problem when it comes to these projects, especially if the employee is the lead engineer who working on it. This is where Ruby on Rails development outsourcing gets its edge over employing in-house developers. These outsourcing companies always have a replacement personnel or teams at the ready in case of attrition. Many outsourcing companies know that attrition is a normal part of this industry. The instances wherein employees disappear or quit because of better opportunities are unavoidable. Because of that, they are deliberately training additional personnel to prepare themselves for those kinds of situations.

Ruby on Rails development outsourcing is worth it for companies, especially if they are looking for highly experienced, quality oriented, and reliable development teams. Not to mention that those outsourced teams are cost effective replacements for in house employees. There are surely many reasons why a company should consider Ruby on Rails development outsourcing.

by Svitla Team

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