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Svitla has the experience and expertise to help your business unlock the value of the cloud by lowering your expenses and improving your efficiency.

Cloud Solutions

Technologies and Services

Svitla is your conduit to cutting-edge technological innovations

Cloud Providers

AWS, GCP, Azure, Heroku

Cloud Services

DevOps setup, Application infrastructure setup

AWS Preparation and Planning

Cloud readiness, Application migrations, data center migrations, disaster recovery

AWS Services

Cloud environment evaluations, Cost optimization, Security assessment

What you get by choosing Svitla

Better Cost Efficiency

Adjusting virtual machine sizes, load balancing/autoscaling rules, container orchestration configurations, and database server sizes are a few ways we accomplish savings.

Secure Your Data

We can leverage our experience applying information security best practices in high compliance environments (e.g. HIPAA, SOC, PCI, etc.) to help you secure your cloud network and storage.

Automate All the Things

Our DevOps team is available to partner with our cloud engineers to help you realize your automation and infrastructure-as-code goals.

Continuity of Care

Findings that require larger refactoring or migration efforts to apply cloud native concepts can be sent to our delivery organization where our Managed Team Extension team or AgileSquad can provide a comprehensive solution.
Svitla helps to ensure your cloud environments are making the best use of the available services.
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Case studies

Communication services provider
Value to the client

Cloud infrastructure customization provided sustainable data flow between new communication tools.

  • Cloud, DevOps
  • Java, Swagger, AWS
  • Human resources
Fleet Management Tracking Device
Value to the client

Reduced AWS infrastructure costs, improved ability to scale quickly and efficiently.

  • Cloud, Back-end
  • AWS, Java, MongoDB, Redis
  • Logistics, Transport
Intelligent Water Infrastructure
Value to the client

AWS storage has vitally improved general productivity and remarkably lowered support costs, the page page-on-demand speed has grown 10 times.

  • Cloud, DevOps, Back-end, Front-end, UI/UX
  • AWS, ASP .NET, MS SQL, Angular
  • Data management, BigData
Cloud service for Sports Business
Value to the client

Infrastructure costs were reduced by 50% while enabling automatic scaling during heavy loads.

  • Cloud, DevOps, Back-end
  • PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AWS
  • Media, Entertainment, Sport

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