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To stand out from the crowd, you need a top-notch e-commerce solution. Svitla is here to help you implement innovative technology, provide a smooth user experience, and scale your business online.

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce Challenges We Help You Solve

Your online storefront is the best way to reach your customers directly and showcase your products. You can rely on us to drive sales and convert visitors into buyers.

Building an expected product

We analyze requirements thoroughly, develop agilely, and get feedback continuously. As a result, your company gets better customer service, brand reputation, and customer loyalty.

Improving customer experience

Customers today are highly demanding. Creating a convenient website and omnichannel experience will help you push shoppers through the purchasing funnel.

Generating sales

The intuitive interfaces and personalized recommendations of our software simplify shopping. Ultimately, it maximizes customer satisfaction and streamlines the buying process, increasing sales and revenue.

Returning customers and boosting their loyalty

We help to build trust and loyalty between businesses and customers. To achieve this, we enhance interactions, prioritize top-notch customer service, and optimize loyalty programs.

Creating an omnichannel experience

Our services address the pressing challenge of establishing a seamless customer experience across all channels. We identify and integrate preferred customer touchpoints effectively to ensure contextually informed interactions.

Securing the user data

Information about users, transactions, payments, and other essential records is kept confidential within our e-commerce solution.

E-commerce Software Development Services We Offer

01.E-commerce consulting

Whether you need industry-specific expertise or simply an outside-in perspective on the e-commerce solution you're building, we can assist you.

02.E-commerce website development

We create engaging and efficient e-commerce websites that prevent cart abandonment and reduce bounce rates.

03.E-commerce mobile app development

Creating another consumer touchpoint like a mobile app will increase online sales and turn existing buyers into loyal customers.

04.Integrations for e-commerce

Streamline your business processes with one platform. You can automate order and inventory management and invoicing by integrating APIs.

05.E-commerce migration

You might notice a decline in performance, functionality, or other constraints as your business grows. We help you migrate or re-platform your e-commerce operation to keep it running smoothly. We work with popular platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, etc.

06.E-commerce UI/UX design

E-commerce requires innovative user interfaces to enhance customer experience and conversion rates. Our Ul/UX design services cover solutions for both web and mobile apps.

07.E-commerce upgrades and support

We revamp and support e-commerce platforms so clients can thrive with boosted efficiency. By doing so, businesses enhance their online presence, engage their customers, and grow.

Solutions for E-commerce Operations

Inventory management

We create software for inventory management across multiple locations using IoT-driven tracking and demand-based planning.

Order management

Integrating various sales platforms, centralizing order aggregation, and using rules-based processing, we streamline customer orders across multiple sales channels.

Logistics management

RFID-enabled tracking and monitoring improve visibility and control of the supply chain. This leads to better customer satisfaction, reduced operational costs, and improved efficiency.

Product information management (PIM)

With PIM, you can mitigate redundant tasks in product promotion across diverse sales channels, saving valuable time and resources. In turn, this will streamline operations and accelerate exposure.

Digital marketing automation

Through digital marketing automation, you will achieve greater ROI by sending precise and engaging digital messages, increasing customer engagement.

Retail business intelligence (BI)

Our custom BI solutions collect and analyze data to enhance customer satisfaction, optimize assortment, and drive efficient marketing. As a result, you can create better strategies and tailor shopping experiences.
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Case studies

E-commerce Platform
Value to the client

New functionality for analytics development, charts, and data visualization allowed better insights into KPIs.

  • Back-end, Front-end, UX/UI
  • Java, PHP, JavaScript, React, MySQL, HTML5
  • E-commerce & Retail, Digital Marketing
Online Marketplace
Value to the client

Svitla team developed and implemented necessary applications that brought service to a new level.

  • Web, Back-end, Cloud, QA
  • React, MySQL, Redis, Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • E-commerce & Retail, Digital Marketing
Value to the client

Client received the QA team with domain knowledge, who deeply understands content management.

  • QA, Mobile, Cloud
  • Ruby, Python, HTML5, CSS, Android, iOS, AWS
  • E-commerce & Retail, Digital Marketing

Svitla Systems optimized app experiences through A/B testing, seamless SDK integration, and custom source code generation for mobile and web platforms.

  • Back-end, Cloud, Mobile, Front-end
  • Android, iOS, React Native, React, JavaScript, .NET, Java
  • Digital Marketing, E-commerce & Retail
Payment Service
Value to the client

The Client gained the ability to test more data in minimal time and improve the quality of testing.

  • QA, Embedded
  • Ruby
  • Computer and Mobile Devices, Financial Services, E-commerce & Retail
Beauty Retail on Shopify
Value to the client

Svitla implemented Shopify templates that improved conversion rates by up to 10% and increased website speed by 20%, delivering ongoing, tangible benefits.

  • Web, Front-end
  • Shopify, Vue.js, Figma
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences, E-commerce & Retail
E-commerce Development Support
Value to the client

Svitla Team's comprehensive project support, from pre-development to post-release activities, guaranteed premium service and elevated client satisfaction.

  • Web, Cloud, Consulting
  • Jenkins, Azure, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • E-commerce & Retail
E-commerce Development Support Case Study

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