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We deliver exceptional value to our clients

Svitla Systems is a trusted custom software development and consulting company. We are experts in delivering Managed Services, Consulting, Team Extensions, and AgileSquads.

How We Work

Engagement models

Because every client is unique, we have developed engagement models tailored for businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Consulting Service

Recommended For:
  • Strategy development: Get the help you need to translate your business goals to technology plans before you build your team
  • Situational assessment: Receive a second opinion about challenges you are facing and recommendations to move forward
  • Prepare to partner: We can help you define a project in a way that raises your comfort working with a technology partner on your software development needs

Managed Team Extension

Recommended For:
  • Team Extensions: Our talented technical team becomes an extension of your team, saving you time and resources on recruiting and onboarding
  • Ongoing Bug Fixes & Support: You can rely on the team 24/7 for availability and assistance
  • Long-Term Development: Our team becomes as vested in the success of your project as your own team


Recommended For:
  • Smart Delegation: No need to assign internal staff to build a project from scratch
  • Faster Results: With AgileSquads approach, short interactions guarantee that every step of your project is implemented on time
  • Transparency & Control: It is easy to hand over the requirements to a ready-to-go AgileSquad and check in with them periodically
Mark DeMeo

Our clients often look to us to define how we will push their businesses to the next level, with not just technical expertise but also straight-forward U.S. based contractual terms enabling easy sign-ups or termination. As part of our service, we observe the strictest standards to meet the best practices.

Our approach

We cover all aspects of the software engineering process, starting with your strategy.

So while we design, develop, and support your software products, you can focus on your core business.

Custom services

Our custom software development services are tailored specifically to your needs, based on your requirements, budget, and timetable.

Hire the best

We employ talented architects, developers, engineers, testers, and designers who are experts in emerging technologies and understand different corporate cultures.

Innovation technologies

Strong partnerships with leading Silicon Valley companies provide Svitla with expertise in advanced technologies. We offer a wide range of services, from web and mobile applications to systems support and testing to Big Data architecture designs and Internet of Things deployments.

We deliver top-notch solutions for industries

Svitla Systems is proud to be at the forefront of new technological frontiers. Our engineers are among the brightest minds in the world.

We encourage you to read our case studies to learn about our implemented solutions and what we can do for you.


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